Dear Innovare is released TOMORROW!

Happy Boxing Day, everybody! I hope you all had a great holiday season so far.

This is a friendly reminder that my first full-length album Dear Innovare…The Souls of Ignored Pioneers Shall Be Renowned is released tomorrow! It’s only $7 for 41 tracks, so that’s a better offer than many other musicians will give you. The concept is useful since it involves all these forgotten creators and artists (some of them had their works stolen), so it’s both educational as well as innovative in a musical approach!

Don’t forget that I was also part of a Descendents tribute album!

6 thoughts on “Dear Innovare is released TOMORROW!

    • Yes, and there are cases that most people aren’t aware of. Some of the songs are about stolen inventions, music, artwork, and since you’re an aniblogger, two of the songs are literally about anime that Hollywood shamelessly plagiarized from.

      I don’t blame you and I’d be furious if people ripped off my stuff.

      Thanks! I hope you listen to it and purchase it when it gets released.

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