Ospreyshire’s Top 10 Most Viewed Posts of 2019.

It’s list season and while this blog never had any fancy content, I thought it would be fine to do some kind of retrospective from the year that was 2019. These were the most viewed posts on Ospreyshire’s Realm last year. This was a mix of poetry, news, rants, awards, and music.

10: Am I Kind (Enough)?

9: Tie between the College Cheating Saga…, 6000+ Views, and Forgiving Myself Is Hard

8: Recording is Done!

7: Am I Not Angry (Enough)?

6: Saddest PSA

5: Perhaps I’m Mysterious? (Mystery Blog Award)

4: Dear Innovare album cover and tracklisting revealed
Untitled Design

3: I’m Really Neat? (Neat Blog Award)

2: Do you (or should you) separate the art from the artist?

1: How I learned to utterly despise The Lion King

Feel free to check out these posts. Do you have any favorites? Which things did you like about the Ospreyshire blog in 2019?

9 thoughts on “Ospreyshire’s Top 10 Most Viewed Posts of 2019.

  1. Disney and Reagan cleaned Hollywood of Progressive artists through blacklists and union busting. Cartoons are powerful tools for attacking Racists,but they are overwhelmed by white washing everything. Thanks for the excellent counterpoints, Ospreyshire!

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    • I wasn’t aware of this, but I’m not surprised. Thanks for the information, Bill! That’s true about how cartoons can be used for good, but it rarely ever happens.

      No problem. I do regret liking that movie when I was a kid. Crazy enough, I was proven right even more in hindsight about the thievery aspects like when I saw The Lion’s Share and the La Maison Noir long form music video. Thanks for appreciating my counterpoints and commentary.

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      • Thanks for your work, ospreyshire. I do not recall if you had mentioned the adventures of Tintin. Belgium did not relinquish The Congo until 1960, the extent of their crimes is still glossed over and rationalized at every turn. Tintin is a series of comics that still serve as a treasured perspective on the “light side” of intense racism, it has been translated into a couple hundred languages.

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      • I did hear about the Tintin issue and that racist Tintin in the Congo book. Interestingly enough, the word “Tintin” is actually an insult in the Lingala language and a lot of people in the DRC and Congo-Brazzaville HATE that character since they know about that particular volume in that series.

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