Ospreyshire Origins: Boyd Bedsteads


An unmarked grave is where my mortal frame rests, yet my inventions let people sleep in style
Wooden frames and canopies were built for luxury and durability where commoners can sleep like kings and queens even to this day
While Ohio and Kentucky weren’t always kind to me, I knew I had to have a twin set of endurance
My ethic, diligence, and carpentry had to see me through and spring into action
Brothers, sister, your freedom was paid for from my classy beds patent or not
They saw my name on every frame
I wish my company would’ve withstood the flames of envious arsonists
I would free those who were like me
My life has been used for the greater good
Let me rest

Here’s another case of a former slave doing for self. This is Henry Boyd. The Kentucky-born and later Ohio-based man would become a carpenter/furniture maker in his own right. He crafted some of the fanciest beds around that nowadays are worth a pretty penny in antique form. However, he deserved better. His businesses went ablaze by jealous racists. I would bet you those same people would be the ones to tell black people to pick themselves up by their bootstraps (how ironic and fallacious).

Here’s a fact about the acousmatics of this piece. I used a pair of drumsticks to hit different parts of my own bed and mattress to create the percussive soundscapes before multitracking them.

The photo of Henry Boyd is from the Northern Kentucky Tribune.

6 thoughts on “Ospreyshire Origins: Boyd Bedsteads

  1. I wish to goodness that I could open a place where people could come and expose their talents; where there could be an open mic night, every night. The discoveries of talent that could take place there would be tremendous. You would be one such discovered talent. This is wonderful. Thank you!

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    • That would be amazing if you had such a venue for open mic nights, concerts, and other such events. I certainly agree with talent being there for the right reasons especially if you had such a place. That would be wonderful to play shows again. Thank you so much, Shelby! That comment really made my day!

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      • Sure thing and that’s great of you to say that. It would be fun to perform my own original material live again. The stuff I do is pretty tough to replicate live except for the more acoustic tracks on the new album for example. I do have some more fun facts with the rest of the songs like history, current events, and multiple plagiarism cases.

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      • Very true. I’ve done some of my Ospreyshire pieces acapella at a poetry reading before which was nice. Good point. I had thoughts about either using pre-recorded acousmatics as backing tracks or doing some live looping with some of my real instruments. It won’t sound exactly like my recordings, but I could see it as improvising kind of like free jazz if that makes sense to you. Come to think of it, your comment just now has inspired me to think of ways to make live concert ready pieces let alone re-contextualizing my already recorded songs into live settings.

        This is inspiring as well as useful, so I’m not just a “studio-only” artist! You gave me some ideas and I think I might make something work. Also, getting two instruments of the thumb piano and electric percussion variety could really add to that dynamic. 🙂

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