Ospreyshire Origins: Annie Minerva Turnbo Malone

Madame CJ Walker, you weren’t the first lady of that honor
You were a former client of her
From Metropolis, Illinois to St. Louis, then to the Second City was the first beauty expert of her time
Hair, face, hands
All became better with Malone’s expertise for those with melanin
She built a college just for cosmetology
Despite $14 million in her prime, you stole those formulas
Women of all colors benefited from the Poro Brand
CJ…or is it Sarah?
You’d be nothing without Annie
She lost her business, but she won’t be lost in history anymore

No woman can be attractive
Without a beautiful complexion and an innovative mind

That’s right, everyone. Madame CJ Walker was NOT the first African-American female millionaire!

The first was none other than Annie Malone hailing from the tiny Southern Illinois town of Metropolis. She was an entrepreneur who started her own beauty and personal care business with the Poro company. Malone made so many products for different uses and she eventually opened her own cosmetology which also made her the first black owner and founder of a beauty school in America. She was charitable, opened a community center for the youth, and helped out her neighborhoods when she lived in Chicago. Unfortunately, Walker literally stole Poro formulas and made her own business, became rich, and more popular than Malone which is so tragic. I doubt they’re going to talk about that in that upcoming CJ Walker movie with Octavia Spencer.

Annie, even though I could care less about the beauty industry (the fact I have a Y chromosome is certainly the biggest reason why), but I respect you for doing for self and for giving back to the community. You deserved so much better.

I would like to give major props to Kreb for introducing me to this beauty pioneer on one of his blog posts. Dude, you’re great and I learned a ton from this post and others from you.

Fun fact about her birthplace: Metropolis is the only town of that namesake in America and it became the “official” hometown of the Superman character. There’s a museum of Superman in that town and the real life Metropolis, IL was even featured in a comic issue where Supes actually has to save it from danger. Also, this would make me second only to Sufjan Stevens who namedropped that town in a song. Hahaha!

The picture of Annie Malone is from The Freeman Institute.

12 thoughts on “Ospreyshire Origins: Annie Minerva Turnbo Malone

    • Yeah, you really opened my eyes when it came to finding out about this beauty innovator. I have never heard of Annie Malone until I read your blog post, so I would’ve never written or recorded this track had it not have been for your article. Thank you so much!

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  1. ospreyshire, I apologize for all the confusion on my reply (I was reading this on the go on my cellphone. First, I was ready so fast that I didn’t realize that “beauty pioneer” was a hyperlink to the great Annie Malone. I actually thought I had introduced you to a blogger named “beauty pioneer” that I hadn’t heard of or follow. Wow. LOL. Second, when I referenced the movie, I was referencing your reference to the upcoming CJ Walker movie with Octavia Spencer. Sorry for all the confusion.

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    • Oh, okay! I forgive you, Kreb. Thanks for clarifying. Annie Malone certainly is a beauty pioneer which we can all agree on, but I didn’t realize there was a blogger with that same name. It’s all good.

      That’s right! There was that Octavia Spencer movie where she plays CJ Walker. Almost forgot about that.

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