Covidiocy On Parade: Coughing on Cops While Claiming to Have the Rona In Chi-Town

People in my home state can be so stupid.

So this covidiot by the name of Anthony Ponzi collides into another car in Chicago and he has the nerve to assault the cops as well as coughing in their faces while claiming to have Coronavirus. He didn’t have it (allegedly) and was able to live to tell about it despite the global state of this pandemic. It’s amazing how he’s able to do all that to CPD officers and not get beaten or shot. How could this be?

Oh, if you’ve read my news stories and commentaries, you know EXACTLY why someone like Ponzi was treated with kids gloves. So you can cough at cops during a time of pandemic, and you get to be taken alive. However, in this same city, you can walk away from a cop and get shot sixteen times.

I definitely agree with Phil with Ponzi being punished harder like how people can be charged with fake weapons or even yelling “fire!” in a movie theater. That’s just nasty and especially unacceptable in this current climate with the disease. That’s saying nothing about he was throwing hands to the cops in general. If you think justice is handled equally, then you’re delusional. I’m glad he got arrested, but he got off way too soft.

20 thoughts on “Covidiocy On Parade: Coughing on Cops While Claiming to Have the Rona In Chi-Town

  1. That viral clip of a kid licking cans at a Walmart is yet another instance of a proud-boy criminal mentality, a white-supremacist stance — boys will be boys. Not even a slap on the hand if you are a guilty white, sixteen bullets if you are an innocent black.

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  2. Ospreyshire, a grocery store had to throw away $35,000 worth of produce and meats because a woman coughed all over the merchandise and claimed to have coronavirus. This was on CNN news last night and of course, she was white and was treated with kid gloves as she sat in the back of a police cruiser and we were told that, “She’s mentally ill.” So I guess she’s sitting somewhere getting a little counseling and some psych meds and she’ll be released in a day or so, from the psych ward of a hospital, not a jail.

    Whites are really showing their asses at this time. I knew they’d go off. This is only the beginning. Watch for more of this and it is going to get worse as lockdowns continue because whites aren’t supposed to be told what to do. They’re just supposed to tell Black folks what to do. But it’s going to get worse before it gets, dare I say, ‘better’, if it ever does.

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    • That is so disgusting! I heard some similar stories, but I didn’t know about that one most likely because I worked last night. $35K? Wow, I actually feel bad for the grocery workers as well as the customers who could’ve used that food before it became contaminated. Of course, the “mental illness” card just had to be played. I doubt most people with mental issues would have enough sense not to try it. This totally sounds intentional.

      Seeing the stories like this, the coronavirus challenge, and other similar acts of covidiocy would make me facepalm although I’m trying not to touch my face in this scenario even though I’ve always been good with washing my hands. I’ve noticed how the usual suspects haven’t taken this seriously enough. This is certainly a wake up call and you’re not the first person to say that. I don’t know if or when things will get “better” or what “better” would look like if there happens to be a slowdown of CV spreading.

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      • Yeah, and that is certainly cause for alarm. It does make me wonder if stupid acts like these are part of the reason why America is #1 in terms of CV cases as of very recently. I hope you’re doing as best as you can despite this pandemic.

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      • As far as the reasons why “America is #1 in terms of CV cases,” that’s probably a good reason for that. Many, whites, especially have thumbed their noses up at this virus and act as though entitled as they’ve always been, they are somehow ‘protected’ from contracting coronavirus. They, apparently, don’t know how wrong they are, but they are going to find out. It is just a matter of time. Black people know to take this seriously and we are. I am doing as best I can under the circumstances and I hope you are as well. Stay safe and take care Ospreyshire.

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      • While I don’t know every single factor as to how America surpassed China and Italy, there is certainly credence about those acts of covidiocy being one of the root causes. I’ve seen that notion from these stories and a few people in real life, unfortunately. It’s an equal opportunity virus and it doesn’t care about one’s race, gender, sexual orientation, class, and/or tax bracket. I certainly agree and I don’t play around when it comes to COVID-19 let alone flu season. That’s good to know, Shelby. I’m doing my best in this situation as well especially since my active job is considered “essential” and I’m around other people when I’m there, so I’m doing all I can to stay prepared and healthy. Thank you.

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      • I’ve got family members in the health care field that I’m worried about especially seeing as how this damn government is not up to par in getting those people what they need to do their jobs. If the health care workers all come down with this virus, this mess is sure to get even more out-of-control.

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      • That concern is certainly warranted. I hope they can do their best to help people especially given how they’re on the frontlines so to speak. I wish for them to stay healthy as they do their work. It’s such a shame how the hospitals need more basic equipment with masks, gloves, etc. You know things are bad that countries that would be considered “developing” or “3rd world” have at least helped others early and doing what they can with their current supplies.

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  3. Hi Curtis, a reason our numbers are large for Covid-19 has to do with Trump screwing up the opportunity for containment. Now we’re trying to mitigate the damage which could be over100,000. Please be safe and stay healthy.

    Covid hasn’t changed white privilege or racism.

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    • That’s certainly true. So many people knew about it and were negligent in preparing for this pandemic. Also, the pandemic unit was rolled back in 2018 and I swear it’s because that unit was an Obama creation. Thank you and I’m doing my best to be safe and healthy.

      I certainly noticed that with this and other similar stories.

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  4. Yes, the pandemic unit would have made sure testing was available as well as stockpiling equipment and PPE back in January or February. Maybe we would have done more testing and contained the beast. We wouldn’t be facing shortages: Hospitals are running out of something as basic as oxygen!

    Who will get a bed or a ventilator if needed, when hospitals are bursting at the seams?

    We are set up for a national disaster and severe disruptions in many communities. We will do Monday night football when this passes.

    My heart goes out to those whose lives were cut short. My thanks to the medical community and first responders for their dedication and hard work.

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    • Exactly! It may not have been some instant solution, but I’m positive (no pun intended) that there would be far less cases in America if the pandemic unit existed to prevent the virus from spreading. You could had decently supplied hospitals and clinics with the right amount of equipment whether they are machines or gloves. There are even countries with no CV cases like Lesotho, Western Sahara, and Guadaloupe of all places.

      Of course and it’s why they need to make more medical equipment available, so it doesn’t happen.

      I definitely see that happening.

      Same here, Angela. The doctors, first responders, and even grocery store workers are on the frontlines in this situation.

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