A List Of My Dreams That Have Died

Voice actor
Record label owner
Touring musician
Subtitle/Translation work for an anime company (I even took Japanese classes back then, too)
Concert venue owner
Video game designer
Film director (even though I’ve made music videos for multiple bands and a big part of my college degree involved film production/creation)
Movie studio owner
Geography teacher
Professional traveler
Martial artist

Those were a few that came to mind. Shame on me for not being inspired enough or was discouraged a lot by some bullies, jerks, and teachers. I want to have a career where I know I can make a positive difference to others, be successful and to rub that success in the faces of those who doubted and derogated me.

I mean, can’t you tell that I suffer from being disillusioned and generally bitter? It’s a miracle I still have elements of kindness in me. Am I the only one in the world who was been psychologically beaten down that much to never achieve different dreams?

7 thoughts on “A List Of My Dreams That Have Died

    • I don’t picture being a touring musician being revived anytime soon for obvious reasons. The most likely one would be a geography teacher even though I would need more schooling despite knowing things about the subject. Maybe subtitling work, but for different reasons. My Japanese isn’t as good as it used to be even though I would still consider it my 2nd best language with how much I can remember.

      It just bothers me with how much I was jaded out of these passions or bullied out of them in the past.

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      • That’s certainly true, Moyatori. I guess it bothered me because I wanted to do so many things, but life got in the way and I quit multiple examples. Unfortunately, part of it came from being bullied out of participating in some of those things. Maybe I should’ve been doctor, lawyer, or engineer. Then, people would be forced to respect me for those professions (okay, I don’t think I’d be good enough as an engineer or most medical fields).

        I would like to try some of those things that can be doable. Maybe voice acting for grins and giggles to see if I’m good enough in that field. A lot of people said I’m good at doing narrations and doing impressions of various characters or celebrities, so maybe that’s something I could try?

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      • I’m sorry to hear that you were bullied. Perhaps persisting in your passions is a truer way to stand up against those bullies, even if they might not be in your life anymore.

        You certainly have a calm and assuring voice, and voice acting is probably plenty of fun! Not all interests have to come with such weight.

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      • Yeah, those memories pop up without my control. I wished I would’ve known that when I was younger and maybe I could use that continuation as a form to shame them as I attempted to succeed.

        Thank you. Voice acting seems like a ton of fun and I know I can pull off different types of voices as well as some accents, too.

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