20 thoughts on “Calm Face, Shaky Hands

    • Thank you very much, Charles! That does describe me as well. It was a sad coping mechanism like when I was in school, I had a hard time talking to some of the counselors since some of them wouldn’t believe me especially if I got bullied. When I did express anger to defend myself, then I was treated like the bad guy even though I wasn’t being physical or swearing at anyone.


      • Thanks for agreeing. There was a time where I thought anger was some kind of sin because of how I was treated regardless if my anger was warranted or not. I would also see classmates or co-workers acting up at others (including myself), and they never got punished for their response.


      • Been there. I think much of it involves how a person acts up and demonstrates anger. It seems to deal a lot with facial expressions, word usage, and body language. Someone angry and just standing there yelling won’t get in as much trouble as a person who is doing all of that plus cursing. At least that’s my experience.

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      • I can kind of see that being a factor. What does frustrate me is that those same rules of being punished for being angry doesn’t apply to others the way it does with me (pardon me sounding like I suffer from solipsism).


      • I get it. There’s always that group that can get away with things that others can’t. It’s definitely frustrating and comes off as it being personal too. I don’t think those of us in the blamed/judged group always notice when we’re not alone in that treatment. Typically because it’s administered in a way that makes one feel like they’re the only one with such emotions and actions.

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      • Thanks for understanding. I know you mentioned being bullied before in one of our previous talks. Sometimes I wasn’t aware being isolated by the more psychological forms of bullying that happened to me. Shame how some of those feelings linger to the point where I assume others are planning something against me. Those were some good points you brought up though.


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