Zancunian Crisp Butty

It’s been a long time since I did some kind of food post even though it’s not a cooking blog. I’ve been trying to do some more cooking to step my culinary game up as well as to keep me sane during this anxious time to say the least.

I recently saw a documentary about Manchester’a music scene as well as learning slang from that Northern English city. Apparently a butty is a type of sandwich. After doing some research, I discovered a thing called a crisp (potato chip for Americans and Canadians) butty that has chips in the sandwich. I wanted to put my own spin by cooking an egg and using some Zanzibar spices. Because of this, I combined the word “Zanzibar” with “Mancunian” (term for someone or something from Manchester) to come up with the name. I used buttered toast for the bun and served it with pickles as well as potato salad.

I certainly come up with unique takes on recipes.

4 thoughts on “Zancunian Crisp Butty

  1. The pickle looks good! 😁 I applaud your effort and I am sure that to everyone else, that looks good. I just don’t do eggs and bread. But it sure looks like you’re doing a fine job of preparing meals for yourself. Keep up the good work.👍

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    • Thanks, Shelby! Pickles can certainly add to a dish. It was an unexpected thing, but I wanted to give it a try with something new as I randomly discovered the concept of a butty. It’s cool if you’re not a fan of eggs and bread. I can respect that. I’m still improving at cooking instead of over-relying on a microwave or the occasional restaurant food. Thanks for the kind words!

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