Observations, Questions, and Rants about How Messed Up Everything Is

I don’t feel like doing anything poetic. I need to let off some steam about the chaos going on. This climate has made me sad, furious, and nervous among other things. Some of the answers should be obvious to some of you when I ask these questions.

How insane is it that reporters are getting assaulted and arrested just for doing their jobs? People know it’s violating freedom and the press and the 1st Amendment, right?

How is it that the Third Amendment would actually come up in conversation outside of the confines of a US government or citizenship class? The fact that it was invoked to get National Guard troops out of DC hotels in my lifetime is mind blowing. It even trended on Twitter of all places, too!

What does this say about society when Sesame Street characters can show up at a CNN Town Hall and address the issues of racism, police brutality, white privilege, protesting, and reconciliation better than any politician of either major American political party during my lifetime?

How is it that plants and instigators of the peaceful protests get treated better than those who are legitimately protesting nonviolently? Also, why isn’t mainstream media going hard against the undercover agents looting and just blame every black person they see who happens to be nearby?

How is it that the Buffalo cops can still lie on an elderly white protestor, get caught lying when the video came out, or how 57 officers “resigned” in support of the police who pushed them? Once the video dropped, white America for one second got to see what it was like to be black when they saw someone who could be their grandfather, father, brother, or even them have his skull crack on the pavement and bleed while the authorities walked by like nothing happened.

How come “Reopen the State” Covidiots can threaten governors, policemen, and can show up willy-nilly with AK-47s and AR-15s on government property and no one does anything yet unarmed anti-racism protestors get met with batons, rubber bullets, flash grenades, or even military forces?

So teachers can be punished (suspended or fired) for yelling at children, yet a cop in Fontana, California can get paid leave for raping a minor 4 years ago, and just NOW get charged for it? I’m sorry, but if anyone doesn’t get fired and arrested for such a heinous act, then NOBODY should be fired!

Why aren’t Breonna Taylor’s killers even charged yet? She really needs justice and those murderers shouldn’t be able to get away scot-free for what they did.

How is it that whatever good cops are there get punished and/or bullied for calling out against police brutality or trying to stop abusive behavior, but the ones who do the abusing get protected?

A football player can conflate anti-racist causes with “disrespecting the flag” and one’s just right to have an opinion, but to call out against systemic racism and they should just “shut up and dribble”? Double standards much when it comes to athletes of certain complexions?

What does it say that people are more offended by people wanting equality than Mark Wahlberg actually committing hate crimes in the 80s against black and Vietnamese people? Boy, does this make Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch look like vile cultural appropriation in hindsight, don’t you think?

How is it that some Republicans can jump ship to support a Democrat? I’m an independent and even I was like “Wait? WHAAAAAT?! How is this possible?”. This makes no sense.

Why is it that the same people who try to stock up on arms in case there’s tyrannical activity in America are eerily silent about legit unconstitutional attacks on peaceful protestors and reporters?

How can so many countries actually protest against racial injustice at once regardless of their demographics?

Those are a few observations I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks. Hypocrisy, bigotry, and mass confusion has been rattling my brain.

16 thoughts on “Observations, Questions, and Rants about How Messed Up Everything Is

  1. Yeah, this world is honestly the most screwed up thing possible. So many what’s and horrible things all one the place. If anything, the Covid-19 pandemic really had shown the world for what it truly is.

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    • It truly is. Expect more talk about this since it’s something that’s not going to go away in a week or two. No disagreements here about COVID-19. It was an expose as well as a global pandemic. I’m even going to talk about some of my experiences dealing with racism as well as just being a black blogger in on WordPress. I have something planned for one of my other blogs tomorrow.

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  2. As cynical as I think I am, I still find out that I have a naive streak. As the protests ramped up, I came across a story about Michigan Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson. I shared it on Facebook, because it showed something I thought was very hopeful. Sheriff Swanson took off his helmet, put down his baton, and talked to the protesters. He told them he was there to protect them as much as everyone else. During the conversation, he decided he’s march with them. The march remained peaceful, and the community saw a way forward.

    No one commented on my share, and to me, it was a reasonable solution. That Sheriff saw himself as part of the wider community, the protesters were able to get their message across, and everyone went home safely.

    That was May 31st. The next day, I got a bit angry at the current President ordering police to gas the medic station and peaceful protesters near St. John’s Church so he could march over, hold up a book he’s never read, and pose for a photo op. There had been no violence. Some of the people there were being treated. Yet, he ordered force to be use against them so he could have his picture taken.

    I voiced my extreme displeasure of that.

    People I’d grown up with — people I thought were of good moral character — questioned why I was supporting “‘protesters’ who tried to burn that church down.” Some of them cherry-picked photos I considered obscene and tried to pass them off as the intent of the protesters. Others blamed “antifa” for the violence (and it was only after the obvious spectacle of the literal Nazis who marched with their flag and carried tiki torches in Charlottesville that I even heard the term “antifa” — someone needed a scapegoat/counterbalance, I guess) while utterly ignoring the documented cases of white supremacists who infiltrated peaceful protests for the optics.

    I used to wonder how Nazism rose in Germany. And now I’m watching it happen here. I am watching people who I grew up with support white supremacists, encourage blatant violations of basic constitutionally guaranteed rights, and, as you pointed out, hypocritically apply expectations of behavior.

    There is some good news.

    No, really. There is.

    I’m seeing a level of dialogue that I’ve never seen before. I mentioned that Sheriff in Michigan. There are more like him. Some cities and counties have police forces that are so corrupt, only a reboot will fix them. There are others who can provide a good model of public safety (as opposed to policing) that is hopeful. Minnesota is talking about rethinking their police, for example, to put an emphasis on social works and mental health care professionals. I’ve been a mental health advocate for decades, and I know how much more cost effective it is to treat mental health patients with counselors instead of strapping them to gurneys in prisons.

    Oh, and it’s also the humane way to treat them. I’ve learned the hard way that appeals to humanity don’t work…

    I’m seeing a wider base of the population listening and trying to understand. I’m seeing more people directly affected by the violence taking the time to explain their perspective. I’ve seen more protest leaders taking direct control of the protests and drive down violence while still getting their points across.

    And I’m going to go out on a limb here. I’m going to say that more people in this country have seem the glimpse into the literal hell that this administration has opened. I cannot believe that’s where the majority of people want to go. I cannot believe that the majority of us think it’s okay to indiscriminately kill and maim and mistreat people just based on the color of their skin. I can’t believe the majority of us are willing to spill blood to protect the people that do what to do those things.

    I just can’t believe it.

    I won’t believe it.

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    • I saw the video with that Michigan officer. That was touching with how he took off his helmet, gear, and armor while turning the protest into “a parade” to quote him. The cops who do want to end police brutality and to stop injustice are a rarity, so I do applaud those who want to do constructive things instead of abusing the citizens. He seemed genuine about it.

      Yeah, I was furious when the peaceful protestors got gassed just for that photo-op. Unbelievable. Even people I wouldn’t expect to call out the president were appalled by what just happened. I’m sorry to hear that about your peers saying stupid and bigoted things. If you ever see racism online or offline, please call it out. Make sure you read up on history and have some dialogue with those of other ethnic groups. It’s a good start. I also want to thank you for being welcoming and encouraging to me in the aniblogger world.

      I do appreciate your optimism, Terance. Don’t worry about making a text block on here. I have dealt with that and made text blocks to others before, so don’t feel bad. Haha! Thank you so much for reaching out and saying what you needed to say. I certainly believe these various fandoms need to have these discussions, too. I would also encourage you to check out a relevant Top 7 list I did on Iridium Eye, if you haven’t already: https://iridiumeye.wordpress.com/2020/06/09/top-7-thoughts-on-being-a-melanated-film-and-anime-critic/

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      • I’m much relieved my post wasn’t completely unwelcome! I worry about that kind of thing…

        Thanks for the link to your Iridium Eye Reviews post! It’s Friday night, and that’s when I do my ani-blogging community review. I’m up to the O’s (obviously!), and I’m working in reverse-alphabetical order, so I hadn’t gotten to the I’s yet.

        “Make sure you read up on history and have some dialogue with those of other ethnic groups.”

        I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for the advice!

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      • Don’t worry about it. I was more concerned about your comments ending up in my spam folder here and on Iridium Eye.

        No problem, and I replied to your insightful comment on that matter.

        That’s good. Granted, it’s not a surefire solution, but it’s a great start when it comes to fighting against racism. Thank you.

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    • Good question. I certainly agree that all these problems are mounting especially in this current climate. I wish there was some ultimate solution to curb racism, but there are definitely steps one can take if one is genuine about stopping this kind of injustice.

      Start by talking with any POC group of any race and let them share their experiences. Do your research about various historical events and cultural aspects. There’s a ton of things that haven’t been taught in schools (ex: Black Wall Street, The Devil’s Punchbowl in Natchez, etc.). Call out people who do or say racist things. It’s not just about slurs, but they can be dog whistle words or phrases. Certainly do the opposite of what overt and covert racists are doing or saying. Those are a few things you can do.

      Thanks for stopping by on my blog and for checking out some of my posts. How did you find my blog and what made you interested in getting into anti-racism work?

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      • Thanks for the suggestions. I worry that it would be weird if I went up to a POC and asked them, “Hey, what do you think of everything that’s going on right now?” I’m worried they’d think I was only talking to them due to their race, using them as a tool.

        I only visited your blog last night, but I look at Fiddletwix’s blog, The Anime Madhouse, a lot. You’ve commented a lot there, which is how I got here. Since a lot of your blog is about POC issues, it made me wish there was something I could do about all of the injustice in the US.

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      • You’re welcome. I’m not saying that it should automatically be the first thing you ask. Sorry for not clarifying earlier. It’s better if it was an organic conversation and not forced. Good on you for not wanting any POC individual to be a tool or race buffer because that wouldn’t be constructive.

        Gotcha. Yeah, I’ve made lots of comments on The Anime Madhouse let alone other blogs I follow. Interesting you bring that up because my main blog is about poetry, my music, or various news/opinions. I’ve talked about issues of racism in the past, but I’ve been talking about it even more because of the times we’re currently in. I also have other blogs with my fiction projects as well as a review site where I cover indie movies, anime, and documentaries. That’s great if you really want to do something against injustice and bigotry.


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