Juneteenth Poem (Yearning for the Purest Freedom)

Emancipation was certainly an upgrade during the times of my ancestors

The elimination of privately-owned human trafficking was a call for celebration

That was all fine and dandy for a hot minute

However, there shouldn’t have been an asterisk when the quill made the 13th update

How far have(n’t) we come?

Proving humanity and competence on a daily basis were chains onto themselves

Even with more hard-fought laws on the books, some of them have to be voted on every few decades while others have their rights etched in stone

The refusal of such protections and dignity are a detriment to everyone

Whether those emancipated stayed here or went to the land with a one star and stripes (also red, white, and blue), they and their descendants deserved far better

That liberty and pursuit of happiness needs to apply to all just like what it said on that paper

4 thoughts on “Juneteenth Poem (Yearning for the Purest Freedom)

  1. Indeed. That asterisk isn’t even in the small print, it is interpreted until it is writ large to adhere to a white-supremacist system. Slavery had already been underway for 250 years before the white founding fathers enshrined an asterisk-laden constitution that provided fractional citizenship for blacks, then amended it so that white supremacism would hold all the high cards. The range of tools used to keep blacks disenfranchised at every election cycle is massive. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are defined to be a priori inalienable — except as qualified by those asterisks.

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