Brett Hankison was fired. No, that’s not justice. Breonna Taylor didn’t deserve to be killed and all of you know it.

I’m not going to let Breonna Taylor get swept under the rug. As much as people talk about George Floyd or Ahmaud Arbery (which they should continue to do so), people can’t be ignoring what happened to this murdered paramedic. It’s already confirmed that it was a no-knock warrant which they JUST made illegal and they already had the suspect in custody.

Sure, Hankison was fired, but why just him and why aren’t there charges pressed against all three of them?

This is just sickening and it’s clearly murder. They also had some nerve to charge her boyfriend to begin with even though they had no right being in their home and he was defending himself and Breonna from a home invasion. She didn’t deserve this and she was doing her best to save lives especially during this pandemic.

I really hope that justice can win even though it’s going to be really hard for this to happen.

Rest In Power, Breonna Taylor.

4 thoughts on “Brett Hankison was fired. No, that’s not justice. Breonna Taylor didn’t deserve to be killed and all of you know it.

  1. I’ve posted several blogs about this and I am still enraged over what happened to her and the fact that her mother had to go on “Good Morning America” to question why no one seems to care that her daughter was murdered and justice has not been nowhere near served for Breonna Taylor. This is all just SO sickening.

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    • I feel that same kind of rage even if it may not seem like it on my blog. Breonna Taylor should still be talked about much like the other cases. I found out about that GMA interview and I got chills. In a strange way, it reminded me of an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show during my childhood when there was a Rwandan genocide survivor being interviewed and she said something like “Why didn’t you Americans know about this?” and that was the first time I heard about that atrocity (I know the situation is different, but I’m talking about the tonality of the interview if that makes sense). It is very sickening and they really need to prosecute those who murdered her. I’ll even add to your point by saying that I’ve even seen non-Americans talk about Breonna Taylor, sharing links to related petitions, posting the GoFundMe account for Breonna Taylor’s family, and mentioning how justice needs to be done than a good portion of people in the US.

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      • That is sad Ospreyshire, that non-Americans seem to care more about Breonna than those whom you’d expect to care. This world has been turned upside down and inside out. I just shake my head and hope it doesn’t fall off from too much shaking.

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      • Of course, Shelby. I’m glad there are people who care regardless of where they’re from which is great. Interestingly enough, one individual was “Big Wavy” Roy Johnson who did that privilege video I shared not too long ago. What does that say that a Black British guy in that example is giving more attention to Breonna Taylor than Americans? One can argue the world has become even more inverted and I’m doing my best to not become a perpetual bobblehead of disenchantment with all the shaking.

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