A delusional Karen is blaming so many Black people for something that didn’t happen

“I’m not getting justice because I’m white!”

I can’t make up this quote to save my life. Do I even need to say how fallacious it is let alone her “testimony” to say something like that? I swear this has become the age of exposure when it comes to racist idiots showing their behinds. You would think they would know better given the current racial tensions in America, but nope. This Karen has some nerve cussing them out, blaming whatever Black people are there, and even doing a “white lives matter” chant in front of everyone. She’s so lucky that the security officers and the other bystanders were calm because she would not fare so well against someone else who wouldn’t tolerate.

Phil also brought up a great point of white supremacists copying everything like how they come up with these “white lives matter” or “all lives matter”. I could go on with other examples in different fields (and have used multiple examples much a good portion of the songs from “Dear Innovare…”), but that’s just lazy. I don’t care if she was drunk or sober (I agree she comes off as the former). Nobody should be blamed for something they didn’t do. It’s also a good thing this was recorded and I hope the world shames this Karen for being such a bigot.

4 thoughts on “A delusional Karen is blaming so many Black people for something that didn’t happen

  1. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York spent no time before pronouncing the “All Lives Matter” slogan, it received no opposition from any of his peers. Just one of the power brokers who represent the white-supremacist system propaganda. Trump is adored by such institutions, organizations that have no conception of what separation of church and state means. SCOTUS has five (5) Catholic “justices” including the may-as-well-be-white Clarence Thomas and including the two Trump appointments that follow the racial-purity values of the Federalist Society. They long for a return to the original/traditional celebrations of white-supremacist holidays, such as Columbus Day. This Karen is a representative of white-power as family value institutions that offer no quarter to Blacks. Ever. Dangerous shit every day, 24/7.

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