Flaws on Display

Shortcomings kept me grounded, but also prevented me from ascending.

Time to get literal for a few sentences.

I struggle with self-loathing.

I get depressed or even paranoid at worst.

I internalize my anger.

My thinking is better in preparation than on the spot most of the time.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled abstract wording.

Pointed fingers and gavels rain down on me as my mind is in a monsoon season. It causes me to ponder if the storms believe they are deities in their own right. Should I point the finger back, it gets sliced off. God forbid I spot the plank in someone else’s eye even if I know I’m right. There were moments where I wished I could be beyond these flaws and others would extol me, but that’s only a pipe dream at best. I doubt a time machine would exist in my lifetime to correct everything.

2 thoughts on “Flaws on Display

  1. Curtis, these are hard times. We are living in isolation forced to deal with our insecurities and other demons. The deal with self-loathing is acceptance. Took me a long time to accept TBI me. Once I did I no longer cared about how people view me. You are young and extremely talented. Success is around the corner.

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    • They certainly are. I’ve had these feelings even before COVID happened, but there have been days where those negative thoughts have been maximized. Thank you for relating and being able to progress in your life with this form of acceptance. Thank you very much.

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