Colorblindness as a Fallacy

“But I don’t see color.”

That’s been said to my face since I was a child.

I never couldn’t counter it at a young age.

Once experience and research pooled in, this was an intellectual slight.

If one is legitimately blind, then I’ll give them an excuse.

Anyone else, how can anyone NOT see color?

False defenses rear up to prevent oneself from the worst word one could be called (in their perspective).

Ignoring the plight of those with melanin was a form of indirect violence.

That and feigning ignorance.

Minimizing such bigotry to either nasty slurs and hoods is beyond erroneous.

Said bigotry isn’t always that obvious although many would deny it.

I better not hear the words “Well, they didn’t mean it!”, “You’re over-analyzing.”, or “You’re a racist for assuming something or someone is racist!”

Please, I have no such sociopolitical power to enact any kind of systemic oppression in any field of activity.

4 thoughts on “Colorblindness as a Fallacy

  1. I would argue the point over the line: “You’re a racist for assuming something or someone is racist!” As a white police officer, I have encountered those who immediately and seemingly automatically start screaming “Racist!” when I initiate an interaction with them, before I can even explain why I initiated that interaction. If your mind immediately jumps to AND LATCHES ONTO such conclusion without any possibility of explanation, then who’s really exhibiting racism? (Hint: it’s not me.)

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    • I’m sorry to hear you encountering situations like that. Sadly, that quote has been said to me before albeit for completely different reasons than you. I was called that a couple of times for saying certain characters played up stereotypical racial overtones and they got overly defensive even though I wasn’t attacking them. One example is obvious which I won’t repeat (this conversation happened over the phone years ago), but it really bugged me when that happened. I don’t just insert any observation like that unless I have evidence or reason to believe so. It’s also why I can’t stand when people make dog whistle comments to my face.

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