So the Chauvins have been cheating on their taxes?

Here’s a twist in the story of Derek Chauvin. Him and his soon-to-be ex–wife Kellie have been trying to get one over on Uncle Sam for years. You have Kellie having checks that bounce higher than Tigger after drinking a triple espresso, but you have tax fraud and straight up tax evasion with these two.

So let me get this straight, people can cook the books when it comes to taxes and live to tell about it, but someone can allegedly have a $20 bill and they get a death sentence.

No one can tell me anything about financial crimes especially with this criminal case an this makes the George Floyd situation look even more insane as well as more hypocritical in hindsight. I’m sure there are people who have been jailed for owing less money than these two.


14 thoughts on “So the Chauvins have been cheating on their taxes?

  1. Tax fraud is always a weird one. It’s a white collar crime too, so it’s usually the feds going after you, which might be why you never see anyone shot for this. Not saying it’s right, but that might be the reason. Still, going to jail for tax fraud seems to be very inconsistent. I imagine that tons of people are getting away with it too because it tends to be something else that leads feds to look into tax fraud. Al Capone comes to mind and the Chauvins wouldn’t have been investigated without the murder of George Floyd.

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    • Sure thing. Tax fraud is certainly a bad thing to do which I’m sure everyone can agree with despite taxes not being fun to file in general. I’ve noticed how inconsistent on the situations. Very good point about Al Capone. The feds knew he was a murderer, yet the thing that got him in jail was the tax crimes. I don’t know if Chauvin will end up that way, but that is something worth thinking about. I’m not sure this would’ve gotten as much press had Chauvin not have killed George Floyd which is a sad statement on what gets coverage.


      • I agree and it would be beyond insane as well as exposing the justice system. I don’t want Chauvin to be an example of only getting arrested for tax fraud. Unfortunately, there have been others who served time for financial crimes, yet get off scot-free for murder with with evidence.

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      • Definitely. I didn’t want to make a laundry list of tax fraud cases. I surely agree with Chavin getting jail time for murder. Everything has been so crazy that it does get difficult not just to stay informed, but to also have a sound mind with everything else going on.

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  2. I saw that and that would be why I quite often, go off the rails; the hypocrisy is utterly astounding. He leisurely murders someone over an ‘alleged’ counterfeit $20 while committing crimes of tax evasion by hiding income. Let’s see if that ‘wall of blue’ can help him squirm his way out of this.

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    • I totally don’t blame you and the hypocrisy is incredibly astounding. I wonder if that murder was also some fatal form of projection with his own tax crimes. This indirectly reminds me of that cop Lt. Joe in Fox Lake, IL who killed himself because of embezzlement yet claimed Black people killed him. Makes me wonder about that, too.

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      • Ospreyshire, I wonder about a lot of things like all of the Black people who have so-called committed suicide via hanging themselves. There was another one just the other day; this time a Black woman was found hanged by her white ‘roommate’. Of course, it has been ruled a suicide. SIGH!

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      • Same here and I seriously doubt they were suicides. Black people have the lowest suicide rates in America and even the ones who do commit suicide aren’t going to hang themselves on trees. I know one of those cases that happened about a month ago involved the killers lynching a man in an area that had no surveillance. Now, I’m no forensics expert, but I have enough sense to know that some authorities were in on it if they got information where they wouldn’t be caught on camera. I didn’t hear about the story of the Black woman being hanged. That’s saddening and I hope they investigate it because I don’t believe it or the other cases to be suicides.

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  3. I wonder if we criminalize too many things without understanding the motivation behind the crime. Hell if you have no money and you’re starving for days and someone gives you a $20 bill, would you inspect it to make sure it is real? Doubt it! Too many laws on the book and most make no damn sense.

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    • That’s certainly a good point with over-criminizalizing and that example with the $20 bill. Not everyone can just whip out those highlighters or access to those bill scanners every time. There certainly are laws that make no sense, laws with punishments that don’t fit the crime, or certain laws being easier to enforce than others.

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