Barking First and Loudest

A platoon of pointing fingers arrive with a wall of megaphones

They sound like several packs of dogs to me

Psychologically scalded by jeremiads and chastisements

I’ve been on the receiving end of those accusations

Regardless if I had a halo or horns in those situations

How short-sighted of them

I never tried to be a god as their pettiness is on full display

I couldn’t always fight back, but for most of my life I hid onto this resentment

The same things they’ve accused me of are the reasons why they barked in the first place

That or they defend those who don’t deserve such rhetorical bulwarks

Keep barking, your vices and those you stan(d) for are all too obvious.

6 thoughts on “Barking First and Loudest

      • I finished reading Emily BrontĂ«’s Wuthering Heights for the first time last night, it points a nihilistic lens on class struggle and prejudice; that book really destroyed me. I’m still taking it all in. Reading this poem shortly after that was like double the obliteration to my already fragile mind. Sometimes, good works of art just destroy you, like Texhnolyze. Keep up the great work!

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      • I’ve heard great things about that book, but I never read it yet. Oh, wow. That really puts things into perspective. That timing must have been brutal. Very good call about Texhnolyze. I’m glad there are others who know and enjoy that anime series. It’s my 2nd favorite ABe work next to Haibane Renmei. Thank you so much for encouraging me!

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      • It’s a really tough read, it’s about someone who starts out as a good-natured kid, and then becomes evil and cruel because of the life-long prejudice and torment he has had to endure because of his low status. It broke me because everything went downhill from there, and I just kept thinking, if only life had treated him right. I don’t know if you’ve read Oyasumi Punpun, but it’s very similar with the perspective it takes on the main character.

        Haha. It’s swapped for me: Texhnolyze is my favorite and Haibane Renmei is my second!

        No problem! I love your work, you’ve got a talent for poetry!

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      • I see. That does sound like a very tough read. I’m sure there have been people who have been like that in real like. I have heard of that manga before, but I haven’t read it.

        Really, now? Haha! Those are still amazing series that Yoshitoshi ABe was involved in.

        Thank you!

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