LA County and Compton Police are infiltrated by gangs to terrorize Black People. A whistleblowing sheriff proved so many people right by exposing this.

I don’t want to downplay the seriousness of the situation, but how sad is it that after finding out about this expose, the thing I said next was “And next on the news…Water is wet.”

Chalk that up to something most of America thinks is just a conspiracy theory when Black people say it until they’re proven right just like the War on Drugs, The Southern Strategy, The Devil’s Punchbowl, or even outside of America such as medical experiments done to Africans against their will (See: Cold Case Hammerskjöld). Basically, an LA County sheriff exposed the infiltration of the Executioners gang inside police departments in that part of Southern California. They would celebrate with illegal arrest quotas and tattoo parties after shooting people. This consists of white and Latinx officers with the latter clearly being used as race buffers. What made me furious wasn’t just because of the rampant injustice including racially profiling Compton’s mayor, but that the local channel clips blurred out the Executioners while leaving the whistleblower’s face intact. That shows you EXACTLY which side their bread is buttered on. When was the last time you’ve seen Black gang members have all of their faces censored in the news? Double standards, much? It’s situations like these that only give more rhetorical strength to those protesting against police brutality and racism. It’s crazy how many innocent people have been wronged by these gangsters with badges. Phil made a great point about how this could be a field day for criminal defense lawyers regardless if their clients are innocent or not. These cops have NO RIGHT to talk or press charges if they’re arresting gang members when they have some on the police department (not that anyone should join a gang to begin with).

This is sick how they’ve been able to fly under the radar. This isn’t the first or only police department to have this issue, but it’s one that’s being exposed right now. These police departments should clean house of all these criminals who managed to not be in the jails for their actions. You can’t say one type of gang is bad when a different one with good only because they have badges. Unbelievable…

4 thoughts on “LA County and Compton Police are infiltrated by gangs to terrorize Black People. A whistleblowing sheriff proved so many people right by exposing this.

  1. White supremacists/nationalists have infiltrated not only police departments but the military. They are encouraged to join for the training and access to weapons. We have a white nationalist, a euphemism for racist, for POTUS. Curtis, I no longer get upset at the evil and vile behavior of the white culture. Those that claim not to be racist are racist because they stand by and protect hate and terrorism against Black people and People of Color. They benefit from racism while claiming they’re against it. We need to not get trapped in their bullshit projections. We have to realize their stereotypes of us is really about them and who they are as people. One day they will pay and I hope to be alive to see the beginning. Enough is Enough!

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    • That’s true about both police departments and military. This case is just the most recent example that people know of now. I agree that the POTUS is a white nationalist/supremacist, but the difference is he’s more overt compared to past presidents. It’s less and less surprising the older I get when it comes to this vile behavior.

      White privilege certainly benefits the culture at large whether they are active, complicit, or not wanting to be racist. Of course, some of them are realizing that one has to be anti-racist instead of just not being racist. There’s a big difference there.

      I wish I knew about the concept of projection when I was younger, but I’m definitely aware of those examples. What you’re saying sort of reminds me of one of my poems I wrote a week ago that I posted on here. White supremacy as a construct needs to crumble and I think it’s eroding right now. That construct needs to be replaced with equity and equality that isn’t color-coded. It’s been amazing seeing people coming together to make sure that possibility can happen.

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      • “but the difference is he’s more overt compared to past presidents.”

        I’ve been grasping at straws trying to find a positive part of the mess we’re in right now. The best I’ve been able to come up with is that the current POTUS is so blatant that anyone of good will can see what he’s doing.

        We’ll see if that matters in November. I certainly hope that it does.

        But that’s just one front. The story above gives insight into another (infiltration of the police). Angela Grant’s comment talks about others.

        I’ve heard some commentators say that they’re encouraged by the progress they see BLM and other rights advocates making. What do you think?

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      • I’ve been feeling the same way given the insanity with these racial tensions, the political climate, COVID-19, the economy, etc. That is a sound statement with people seeing how egregious 45 is and not wanting to deal with it anymore.

        Despite my issues with both parties, I do hope the American public makes the right decision. Regardless of who wins, all of these things with the pandemic, racism, the economy aren’t going to magically get better in November or even January come Inauguration Day.

        Yeah, that post was about the police being infiltrated. Compton, let alone LA County certainly isn’t the only one affected. It’s just the newest one people know about now. The problem is that racist infiltration and systems affect every facet of society (especially here in America) in ways people don’t even realize.

        It’s not going to be some instantaneous progress, I can tell you that much. I do notice there being more support for BLM (the mindset and the organization) let alone other rights groups which is a good start. The grassroots organizers are certainly doing their best when it comes to raising awareness as well as pressuring officials to take action to prosecute those who are abusing others. The fact this spread worldwide is certainly mind-blowing to me. I just hope that people can be as constructive as they can be to improve in the field of justice and to not let plants or agitators to derail the movement.

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