Concerts Are Necrotized

I certainly dodged a bullet

When I threw in the towel as a live musician

Steams flow in digital portals

Siphoning all potential means to live

Phones in front of people’s faces

Apathy reigning over the live singer

Then there were 19 degrees of isolation

As festivals disappeared and possibly on life support until further notice

If I have shed my “music man” identity, then this was the perfect time to do so

I’d rather be known by my other artistic endeavors, writings, or my positive actions

All those who bullied me in the past for being a music fan deserve to shut the Tartaros up

14 thoughts on “Concerts Are Necrotized

    • I remember you mentioning that you were involved in music a while ago. Glad you could relate. I used to sing in worship bands at previous churches and I had previous musical projects that didn’t work out. Not going to lie, I was burned out by the music scene and aspects of my music tastes have drastically shifted since then. I do feel bad for the musicians I like who do this full-time and can’t tour.

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      • Yeah, I did play in a community band where we did concerts before Covid-19 hit to the point where we couldn’t meet. Even then I’m not sure if everyone was engaged in the audience.

        Yeah, I can see that happening. I’ve hung around indie musicians from some of my playing at church who have it hard. I couldn’t imagine jumping into the music life without a symphony supporting playing because it seems only playing gigs doesn’t help.

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      • That’s cool about you playing in a community band before COVID happened. I’ve had similar feelings with some of my previous shows in the past, too.

        It’s quite crazy especially since I know multiple bands in that situation or they have day jobs so they can tour despite being signed to various labels. Granted, I was never a touring musician, but I have played shows in 2 states including a now defunct festival. I used to be a booking agent at an all-ages venue in the past, so I had connections to several musicians (some of whom I still talk with to this day). Having a symphony as support would be sweet. I’ve wanted to do that a long time ago, but I didn’t have connections with local symphonies.

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  1. “19 degrees of isolation as festivals, As festivals disappeared and possibly on life support until further notice”, man I felt that one. You got me thinking of all the vendors and artists whose primary source of income from convention sales who have to deal with this now. I feel bad for them. ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

    But on the flip side, I’m happy to hear that you are finding othet passions in something else. Hope those go well! ๐Ÿ‘

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    • Thanks for reading my poem! While I haven’t been to any cons, I have certainly been to festivals where people have made their main way to make money at those events and they can’t do anything at that level.

      Sure. I’ve had other passions for a while, but at least people in the blogosphere have been caring and accepting as opposed to only hiding my other interests besides music. It’s a long story. Thank you!

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