Kenneth Walker is lawyering up against Louisville, KY as well as LMPD

Finally, there’s some semblance of positive news and updates in this heinous event. Kenneth Walker is Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend in case you didn’t know. He got himself a lawyer and is filing charges against both the city of Louisville as well as LMPD. That is a step in the right direction especially with all the injustice him and his late girlfriend suffered in that botched raid. Kenneth was falsely accused of attempted murder even though his own apartment was broken into and had to defend himself and her. He was a legal gun owner and the castle doctrine should apply here. Kenneth was traumatized after Breonna was murdered (WHO CAN BLAME HIM?!) and it was sickening getting those charges and being silenced. After all this time about the cops not being charged, there’s finally some legal action going on. I really hope justice is on the side of him and the Taylor family especially with the horrific things that happened to them. Even the other tenants in the same apartment complex said the police never announced who they were when they broke into Kenneth and Breonna’s apartment room. This was an atrocity and no one should ever have to go through this.

May justice favor Kenneth Walker. Never forget Breonna Taylor.

4 thoughts on “Kenneth Walker is lawyering up against Louisville, KY as well as LMPD

  1. The cops wanted Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend. But ended up killing Breonna and arresting her current boyfriend. The police who killed Breonna is back on the job. The police are like Trump, shifting blame, and not held to any standard that is not self-serving.

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    • Right and it’s a shame. I heard not long after the story broke that they tried to give the ex-boyfriend a probation deal instead of a 10 year sentence if he lied about Breonna Taylor. Thankfully, he refused to lie about her being into drugs, gang life, etc.

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      • I heard that too. It’s disheartening. Why can’t the police do the right thing? Instead they want to smear Breonna Taylor because they murdered an innocent woman. No change in protocol, no apology just indignation that the community questions their integrity.

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      • Very much so. My heart goes out to her family. It’s just maddening with this smear campaign against this innocent woman. She was doing her best saving lives with her job. LMPD deserves to be questioned about their integrity. I can only hope that there’s enough pressure not just to clear Breonna Taylor’s name, but for justice to favor the Taylor family as well as Kenneth Walker.

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