Dystopian Futures: Space Junk Music Video

I have some bad news and good news for you. Bad news is that Dave Emmerson decided to close down his DIY label ZAP Records. It’s quite sad since there were so many good bands associated with that indie label. I’ll be talking about my thoughts on the matter in a separate post. Good news is that his band Dystopian Futures is still going to make music and they just came out with a new song called “Space Junk”! Oh, yeah. I even got to make the music video, too.

Dystopian Futures certainly continue to use their quirky experimental punk rock for this song. It’s a story involving a cosmonaut who has been in stasis in a spaceship for a century while trying to flee from his vice-ridden past. Things don’t go to plan as he’s in the cosmic ocean.

Feel free to buy the song on Visions Press’s Bandcamp!

8 thoughts on “Dystopian Futures: Space Junk Music Video

  1. First, I love the 1950s feel to the video! (You did that? Brilliant!) being a huge fan of music in general, I’m always saddened to hear about the demise of labels, studios, etc. Sun Studio is on my beat in Memphis, and it was disheartening to see it closed for all those months. Thankfully, they’ve started recording sessions at night again, so I make sure to swing by and check on them.

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    • Thank you so much, Shelby! It was a lot of hard work to make the video with all the stop motion stuff, but I certainly enjoyed making it and it gave me a bit of peace even though I had to do a few retakes here and there. Yeah, it really was a bummer when he closed down ZAP. Granted, it’s nowhere near the size of let’s say Def Jam, Columbia, or Atlantic, but he legitimately cared for the bands and singers while doing an awesome job promoting them.


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