David Menna is a demon

Just because I haven’t been posting as often this time doesn’t mean I don’t care about serious issues. I found out about this video from Lisa Cabrera and this story should be more known. You have this devil named David Menna who faked being a doctor and wilderness expect. That is actually the least offensive thing about him. You see, Menna is a serial child molester who constantly groomed and abused them over and over. To make matters worse, he was never officially registered as a sex registered despite being caught and every time, he would expunge any previous records for new jobs. Think about it, every time he gets hired and sexually assaults minors, each time is supposedly the “first time” any charges of that nature are brought up.

This sickens me. How is it that these heinous demons can still walk around molesting several children yet people like Breonna Taylor or Philando Castile are dead? David Menna needs some hard time for his crimes. The people who refused to vet him in every job he had need to be fired as well. You know if David Menna was Black, he would’ve been dead or at the very least getting decades of prison time for just one count of molestation. There are people who would never commit any sex crimes much less any crimes who’ve been punished at their jobs for MUCH less! I’m sick of these double standards as these people get away with everything.

4 thoughts on “David Menna is a demon

  1. Devious creeps like this guy pry their deeds under a cloak of respectability. It makes you wonder how many are never identified before they die a “natural” death. Meanwhile, an absolutely innocent black can be rounded up and imprisoned, just so they can close the case. Here is a link to a study on the misrepresentation entailed:


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    • Of course. It reminds me of the scripture of Satan dressing himself like an angel of light. There’s certainly cases about people found dead to rights doing sex crimes, but never get arrested like Jimmy Saville for example. It shows how disproportionately people are treated by race. How is it that someone who stole a pair of hedge clippers could get more prison time than murderers and rapists? Thanks for the link. I could see this being a system of not registering certain people as sex offenders especially when people were outraged with the rape statistics by race and how it destroyed low-key racist stereotypes in the media.


  2. In the ’90s, as a kid, I witnessed a few cases of police officers getting off the hook for child trafficking first-hand. I don’t have any children of my own, so I haven’t experienced anything of that magnitude, but people in positions of power need to own up to their crimes. The law needs to hold them accountable.

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    • That must have been a disturbing experience especially seeing that as a child. I don’t have children either, so I haven’t experienced anything like that, but I do agree that these predators shouldn’t have all this immunity. It frustrates me how people like them get away with everything and tp the scales in their favor.

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