Calming down with some Angolan metalcore (Starring Before Crush)

I recently watched a documentary called Death Metal Angola which was really fascinating and I recommend it for those who like heavy music or at least African culture.

One of the bands featured in that doc is Before Crush (pardon the grammatical aspect of their name). They’re from Benguela, Angola and play metalcore music. While I’m not a fan of that type of music, they do a good job and they’re lyrics have more substance than your typical whiny suburban fake tough-guy scenecore band. They have lyrics about African culture, positive messages, and historical elements involving the Angolan Civil War that lasted from the 70s until the early 00s.

I know the irony of relaxing to this kind of music, but I wanted a break from some of the self-loathing posts I’ve made recently while trying to balance between life, work, and NaNoWriMo.

13 thoughts on “Calming down with some Angolan metalcore (Starring Before Crush)

      • Quite so. Haha!

        I see. I could relate to that regardless of genre. My mind was expanded during my teens musically when in addition to whatever metal, punk, or indie rock I listened to, I was exposed to African artists like Dobet Gnahore and Oliver Mtukudzi for example due to my mom’s job at a place she used to work for at the time.

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  1. I don’t listen to metal, but incorporating those into their music is pretty neat! It’s always nice when a song tells a story.
    And on metal being relaxing: the closest to metal I listen to is heavy rock, and rather than being relaxing, it also oddly helps me focus. It’s like putting a lot of stuff into my head that pushes me to do the thing I’m supposed to do.

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