Unknown Songwriters of Andalusia

The twelve beats and meters

Were new and recontextualized

It was the pop music from half a millennium ago

Yet no one knows the names of those who made the tunes or dances

Melodies were taken against their will

After they were crammed in the boats

Spanish and Portuguese replaced the original tongues

As the population grew back then

The modern population was unaware

Despite excavations and receipts brought up to the surface


Were native, but not in the ways one expected

4 thoughts on “Unknown Songwriters of Andalusia

    • Thank you, Chris! It was based on history I didn’t know about until I watched a music history documentary the other day, so I wanted to write something based on what I heard. It was fascinating hearing about the origins of that music while also hearing about the history and how some of the interviewees critiqued the cultural appropriation aspects.

      Yes, I certainly have that reputation here and especially on my film review blog. I saw Paprika first, so the Inception controversy was that obvious to me. However, my thoughts on that case are nowhere near as intense compared to a certain Disney movie that blatantly stole from a 60s anime, used a plagiarized song, and trademarked a foreign phrase they didn’t make up.

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