A Belated Post About ZAP Records: RIP ZAP 2015-2020

This post has been a long time coming and I feel bad about delaying it this long.

Some of you may or many not remember when I debuted Dystopian Futures’s latest music video for “Space Junk”, but I mentioned that ZAP Records closed down. This bummed me out since the founder Dave Emmerson was one of the few people left in the DIY music scene that I still respect as well as him being a great friend. I thought it was amazing with how he managed to get bands and singers from multiple countries involved with his record label. I was exposed to great music that no one else was making and I managed to get involved with the label even before “Ospreyshire” (the spoken word project AND the blogger you see today) was a thing. Not sure if I mentioned this, but I was able to help out with press releases, bios, and I even made music videos for some of the bands. Dave himself has a record in my filmography portfolio since I’ve directed three music videos for him between two of his bands. The first music video I ever made in my life was for his old band The Old-Timers (no pun intended) and it was a major international collaboration since Dave at the time was living in South Africa while I was still here in America, yet we were able to make it work. That really gave me confidence and he encouraged me to do some recording of my own.

While Ospreyshire (the spoken word project) was all me with my poems, acousmatics, and instrumentation, I will say that if there was no ZAP Records, there might not have been an Ospreyshire let alone the current blogs I run. It’s strange how life works, but I do have to credit Dave for being a good friend to be encouraging to me even if he was thousands of miles away in South Africa or when he was back in his home country of Scotland. Who ever thought that some random guy like me and someone like him would meet at a music festival in Central Illinois and were able to collaborate with multiple projects for years now.

It is sad to see ZAP Records go. I’m thankful to have been a contributor in multiple ways to the label. I was so disillusioned with the music scene at large, so this was a last bastion of sorts.

RIP, ZAP Records.

In good news, Dave came up with Visions Press where he’s releasing new music and even zines. Definitely check it out!


8 thoughts on “A Belated Post About ZAP Records: RIP ZAP 2015-2020

  1. WOW! This is right on time because I have been experimenting on SoundCloud by posting my spoken word poems and even putting some to music, but still with my spoken word accompanying the music. And if it weren’t for you giving me the idea by posting your music on this site, I would not have thought to do it. So, Dave’s “visions” are alive and well and being ‘played’ forward.

    Thanks Ospreyshire. You actually brought me out of my shell because my voice is hardly suited to music since I cannot sing, but by going the route of ‘spoken word’, it’s not too bad.

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    • No way! Talk about apt timing! That’s really cool with you using SoundCloud and posting spoken word recordings on there. Wow, I didn’t realize I inspired you that way. That means a lot. Nice wordplay with Dave’s current Visions Press project, Shelby.

      You’re welcome. I’m enthralled with you making your own recordings and being creative. This really made my day. You can do a surprising amount of things with spoken word. Where can I find your SoundCloud account?

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      • Sure thing! I checked out the link you sent me. Don’t worry, it works.

        I was intrigued with the recording you sent me. I enjoyed the poem. The more chilled out ambient/R&B beat worked very well. Were you going for more of a lo-fi sort of vibe with the production, out of curiosity? If it was, then it may have given it a grittier edge that ties into the lyrics possibly as a counterpoint to the more chilled out musicality.

        Thanks for sharing, Shelby!

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      • I don’t know what I’m doing yet and so I’m just fiddling around with things right now. I’m not one to get something, fast. It takes me awhile. I’ve only been on the site for a few days and so haven’t gotten the hang of it. It’ll be awhile before I can really get going. I’ll let you know when I finally get something put together that’s really good.

        And thanks for checking it out.

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      • Okay. Nothing wrong with experimenting with different beats, vocal deliveries, and production styles. Feel free to take your time with different things. I’ll check out your other recordings and I’ll be looking forward to new ones. One thing I will say and please correct me if I didn’t word it the right way is that you don’t sound like you have a “hillbilly” accent or intonation. I remember you being concerned about your voice coming off that way in a previous conversation. This is just me encouraging you and trying to allay those concerns if you still had them.

        You’re certainly welcome.

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