Ospreyshire’s Identity Crisis Pt. I

Intent was a chameleon

As the original endeavor was ignored

Maybe more ears popped up

When I threw pairs of pennies

Whenever situations got very serious

What is Ospreyshire’s realm?

What is Ospreyshire (about) ?

Why is Ospreyshire about so many things?

Consistency was too busy being in the corner

At the cost of a confused identity

10 thoughts on “Ospreyshire’s Identity Crisis Pt. I

  1. Curtis, you do a fantastic job. I like the variety. My blog started as a way to vent my anger, and then I became involved in social justice. While I am deeply passionate about social justice, given COVID and the fact people are stuck inside, I decided to blog about one facet of my life: exercise. It’s your blog. You make it what you want and recognize what you will change. Btw, I don’t worry about eyeballs anymore. I rarely look at my stats because it doesn’t matter. I am doing what I like.

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    • Thank you so much, Angela. I certainly saw that with the different posts you had when I started following your blog as well as checking out some of your archived posts. That’s okay with you making the exercise posts and talking about your progress. I understand when it comes to the proverbial and literal eyeballs watching a blog. That’s good how you have peace and aren’t concerned about it.

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