Entitlement Gone Wrong

Some of the biggest crybabies

Masquerade as tough guys

It must be so sad and morose

Having everything handed to them

And never having to prove their humanity

Coddling diminished responsibility

Kid’s gloves are handed by the crate

Downplaying everything as just a game or not as bad

“Oppression” is a lie from their mouths

While the plastic branches shield these disruptions

For shame…for shame…

8 thoughts on “Entitlement Gone Wrong

  1. Speaking from the perspective of a law enforcement officer, it’s sadly predictable that whomever is protesting/rioting–be they of the left or right–expect us to stand back and allow their actions as “free speech” but likewise expect us to deny those same tactics to those with opposing views. Both sides are guilty and, frankly, the asinine hypocrisy of it disgusts me.

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    • I do agree with you that there’s hypocrisy with those on the left or right who just bicker nonstop. It does annoy me whenever one politician does something bad while their party /supporters downplay it while someone else does the same thing and they start howling about it (this is in general and I’m not specifically calling anyone out). Out of curiosity, do you believe in the Horseshoe Effect?

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      • I consider it a fairly accurate observation. Personally, I think that real governance remains constantly in the same hands, while the public is treated to what I’ll call political theater. A lot like the old Roman strategy of bread and circuses…

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      • Thank you, David. You can certainly make the case of those “same hands” with let’s say political donors for example. Don’t worry, I won’t go all conspiratorial on that topic. The concept of bread and circuses is an apt metaphor with so many events in the sociopolitical landscape. Pardon the cliche, but I do hope cooler heads prevail just in general.

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