The World Saw the Stark Contrasts

Imagine if their complexion was multiple shades darker.

In this idiotic chaos, the world saw the stark contrasts.

Not just with some donkeys and some elephants alike facepalming, but others from the globe shuddered.

Melanin would’ve been an instant conviction if the shoe was on the other foot.

Felony charges would be tossed around like candy.

A harsher response would’ve been an understatement as they wouldn’t have made it to the steps.

If looting is bad (which it is), then what about the podiums, documents, and other things?

Why didn’t those who stormed the building just comply?

Those who screamed “law and order!” last summer didn’t practice what they preached.

While numerous initialed powers do their research, more faces popped up albeit with no perp walks on the small screen.

Three piece suits, stethoscopes, and even those who didn’t wear badges that day were in trouble.

That’s not getting into the severe omission of masks and the disgusting amount of human excrement smeared or poured around.

Why the zip ties, molotovs, guns, and other harmful objects? How is a shirt with “6MWE” somehow less offensive than the word “equality” to them?

Patriots? Nothing says loving America like waving a flag used by traitors (did you read the sarcasm).

The world saw these stark contrasts.

Are sound minds too much to ask for?

6 thoughts on “The World Saw the Stark Contrasts

    • Good questions. We didn’t do anything but just exist. It is a massive form of projection and obsession. More stuff has been coming out which is proving me right even more when it comes to these massive racially motivated doublestandards. I just found out that the Capitol police got a warning memo 3 days prior to the insurrection, but did nothing about it.

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      • There is clear message. And I have never been more afraid of white people especially white men than I am today. They are violent and Black lives are theirs for the taking. On January 6, it was a Black capital police who saved Pence and the day. Conservative media blamed BLM and Antifa for the coup, knowing that was a lie! And their followers believed the lie.

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      • January 6 really was a clear cut example of double standards in how people are treated even more than other examples. While I’m glad more and more people have been identified in that insurrection and added to no-fly lists, there were still kid’s gloves used to punish them. A lot of the charges I heard about have been federal misdemeanors which is too soft. The people who got the hardest charges that I’ve noticed so far are a Vietnamese cop and a Black man and the latter is held without bail or bond. That’s right about the Black policeman and some people say he should get a medal (I think it was the Medal of Freedom?) for his heroism. Yeah, those people who were trying to do all that domestic terrorism crap couldn’t take responsibility for their actions, but those same people will tell the Black community to pick themselves by their bootstraps.

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