Invisibility Dissipates With the Trio of Drums

Piano, repique, chico…

The sizes of the three drums brought such color

When one was lost in cultural amnesia

Credit slowly became due long after Barcelona’s crown was rejected

The connection to the lost was retrieved

By hand and by clave

The memories flooded and the shame evaporated

After centuries of propaganda

Robust sounds burst by trios or infantries or cuerdas

Encore, maestros!

6 thoughts on “Invisibility Dissipates With the Trio of Drums

      • Thanks! I get inspiration from so many different things. Then again, I did resort to pop culture references in a satirical way in a previous poem a few posts prior to this one.

        The documentary is called Tango Negro which deals with the African influence of tango and candombe music in Argentina and Uruguay. I didn’t even know that tango wasn’t even a Spanish word to begin with and it’s the Lingala and Kikongo word for “time” or “moment”. At first, I thought it was a false cognate with the former, but I was wrong. Yes, “tango” is a word in 2 different Congolese languages.

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      • I’ll have to check it out ๐Ÿ˜€
        I love documentaries that dive into the musical origins of something! I didn’t know that tango began as a Congolese word, that’s fascinating! I’ll have to check it out sometime, I’ve been waiting until I get my old glasses frames replaced, so I can watch TV again. Right now, I’ve basically been living off of podcasts and re-watching the English dub of Gundam SEED.
        Note: I’m near-sighted. ๐Ÿ˜…
        I’ve been really wanting to watch that anime you and Ashley suggested before, too: Kurogane Communication.

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      • Yeah, I highly recommend that documentary. They need to play that in schools. I would’ve never guessed that either. It was such a fascinating watch. Oof, I hard relate because I’m nearsighted, too.

        OMG, YES! Please watch Kurogane Communication whenever you can. That anime is mad underrated. It’s the happiest post-apocalyptic show (not just anime) that the world didn’t know it needed.

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