10 Lies I Sadly Believed At One Point In My Life (In No Particular Order)

10. People like me couldn’t make it to a university much less graduate on time.

9. If you work hard, you’ll automatically be successful.

8. The independent music scene doesn’t have any cliques, drama or backstabbers like in the mainstream.

7. The Lion King is a fully original movie that would never plagiarize something like anime or music choices.

6. People who are huge bullies and jerks can always be redeemed.

5. Anger is a sin.

4. Christopher Columbus discovered America and he was very respectful to the Indigenous population then.

3. Going to a Christian school would make me less of a bullying target.

2. People who do heroic things will be praised at all times and evil will always lose.

1. Saying affirming things is somehow bragging when I do it even if I don’t say I’m better than anyone, but when others legitimately boast about themselves, they somehow have “earned it”.

6 thoughts on “10 Lies I Sadly Believed At One Point In My Life (In No Particular Order)

  1. Yeah, I can relate to 1 and 9. At some point, I believed these too. And with no. 9 especially, I’m constantly paying attention to how I talk to myself. If I can acknowledge than others have “earned it”, the same should go for me too. More like “love your neighbor as yourself”, that is, no more, no less… !

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    • Thanks for relating to some of those points, Khaya. I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way. Number 9 was a big one for me as the so-called American Dream was just that. I’ve seen people get ahead despite being lazy.

      Number 1 is so true. Let’s not have double standards, people! If I have done something great or achieved something important, then I deserve to talk about it.

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  2. Nice conversational post.
    The two big lies I told myself:
    1. I have no value. I wasn’t humble I just didn’t
    I was worthy.

    2. Never give up. Sometimes you have to give up in order to move on especially when you come from a place of no power or wealth.

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    • Thank you very much, Angela.

      1. I relate to that one very much. It really didn’t help where I would give myself a compliment and be misconstrued as being arrogant even though I wasn’t bragging at all.

      2. Very interesting. There were times where me not giving up did work, but there were also times where giving up was the best option in hindsight.

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    • No problem about following the blog. I checked out one of your posts about remakes.

      I get what you’re saying when it comes to various politicians, but there are people who do straight evil while never getting punished or at the very least getting a punishment far smaller than the crime.

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