Back from hiatus

April has been insanely busy for me, but I’m back here. I hope you’re all doing alright.

This was a productive month for me, but at the same time I was trying to deal with things involving my own mental well-being especially as more revelations came to me unexpectedly after doing some learning that indirectly affected me (it’s a really long story).

I was focused on certain things and the big one is Camp NaNoWriMo which I completed the word count earlier this week which was good. The other creative things I did were on hold because that takes a ton of dedication.

There were some peaks and valleys over the month which I dealt with. Some good things happened and some infuriating things happened. Sometimes it did get a bit isolating, but it’s 2021 so I think people are used to it by now given last year obviously. However, it was good hearing from people I know online as well as some other bloggers I follow. It was also cool getting exposed to new international films, listening to some international music, and even checking out some fun travel vlogs including one from a country I would’ve never expected from despite never traveling at all recently due to COVID-world.

Of course, that’s not going into the real life current events because I would’ve had so much to say and I was trying not to make my blood boil hearing some of these things. I don’t have to go into too much detail with the things that got a ton of attention or the ones more obscured from both a local and an international standpoint. Well, at least I can say that more people are becoming aware and there’s actually some semblance of accountability going on.

Anyways, sorry for rambling a bit. Sorry I don’t have the typical poems or creative works over here. Hope you’re all safe and well.

10 thoughts on “Back from hiatus

  1. Glad to see you back and hear you’re feeling productive! And congrats on completing your word count! (I just can’t seem to write in any sort of structured way/environment, so I’d crash like Richard Hammond. . .)

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    • Thank you! Yeah, it’s been very productive even if there were a few times where I didn’t get any writing done. It can be such a challenge putting several words a day and finding the time to do so. Okay, I did have to look up who Richard Hammond was, but I got the reference now. Finding the right kind of environment or setting can be a bit tricky. One unorthodox thing I did to calm my mind during writing was listening to some geography related videos or interviews when I wasn’t listening to music since I’m such a nerd for that subject. For example, I found out a few things about the Cornish culture in South West England and how their native language is closer to Welsh, Gaelic, and even the ancient language of Brythonic than it is English.

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