The Cheddar Gorge Shattered Preconceptions

Somerset had the key that no one knew they needed

The reconstruction on seeing an origin

A genesis that would floor beliefs and prejudices

Gough’s Cave marked the spot

For the oldest remains of these isles

The reminders ebb and flow

A rising tide emerged

Which deflected all questionable and ulterior angles

Rising in both sides of the Atlantic

The rebuilding through science

Shattered the imagined ideals for those who think the country should be one way

Especially those who didn’t know the crown came from Wettin

And not from the Square Mile

Some originators came by surprise to shatter one’s worldview

From several millennia ago

The photo of the Cheddar Man is originally from the BBC.

4 thoughts on “The Cheddar Gorge Shattered Preconceptions

    • Thanks! No way. I knew you were originally from England, but I didn’t know you lived that close over there at one point. What’s Cheddar or Somerset like? I’ve heard of the Cheddar Man multiple times, but it wasn’t until recently when I saw the reconstruction of that person. I explained who he was to a co-worker and she thought it was someone made out of cheese just by hearing the name. Ironically, Cheddar Man was lactose intolerant.

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