Obscured Atrocities

Sometimes I want to burn my diploma and degree

When the autodidact grabbed the driver seat

History was redacted and crossed out

Before excavating began

Gasps were emitted

When the bodies and blood were revealed

The horrors became more gross

As the tales came from my own home country

Tulsa, Rosewood, Natchez, and so many more

The brutality came to light without me being in a classroom

Mass murders and unfettered violence

As the perpetrators were never held to account

Worse yet, encouraged to inflict as much suffering as possible

The so-called third world jumps out of their collective seats

While telling this side of the hemisphere how they can’t talk

Prepare to stare at the kettle

See the planks through the blindfolds

These noses should be lowered

To smell the carnage that was once buried

As the innocents scream from beyond the afterlife

4 thoughts on “Obscured Atrocities

  1. It never stops at the large town burnings, it continues every time that a lynching takes place, every time a Klan Cop stops a black in any vehicle, anywhere. Extra-judicial executions add up quickly until they become banal. And they happen at the legislative level — Trump’s commands on 6 January are nothing less than approval and a vote for white supremacists everywhere.

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    • Right? How much has America REALLY changed or progressed? I saw a meme from another blog which shows Tulsa burning and the Capitol building burning (Black Wall Street for the former and 1/6 for the latter) and it said something along the lines of “White rage has always gotten a free pass.”

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      • It hasn’t changed one bit. The Black Wall Street burned in the same year as my parents were born, very few people have ever been aware that it even occurred, not to mention its impact. The American school systems do not teach a single thing that does not show white as courageous, foward-thinking and fair-minded. Whites do not even look at the participants as springing from the same damned roots as all the racists that preceded them.

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      • Sure thing. Wow, I didn’t realize that about the timing. This was covered up for decades and just now mainstream media was talking about it more often. One of my older cousins didn’t know about it until she saw the Watchmen sequel on HBO where that event was an actual plot point. That is an apt observation about the schools and society.


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