Awakened More Than I Wanted

So much was unearthed

The horrors of the world came to light

Freddie, Jason, Michael, all cowered with these revelations

Beheaded people in museums

Children’s bones used in universities without the parents’ consent

Denying the slaughtering of thousands

Were all put on display

Eyes were forced open in unexpected ways

As one couldn’t look away anymore

4 thoughts on “Awakened More Than I Wanted

  1. We are fully awakened… we now know. Our eyes were forcefully opened. Even though it is disheartening, we need to know so it does not happen again, so we hopefully protect each other better, and get justice for those to whom it was done

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    • Of course. It’s still an ongoing process as I keep learning about different things. Forcefully opened is a good way to describe it. This comment was certainly warranted and I appreciate your insight on this poem.


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