A baby’s face was lacerated during a C-section. THIS. IS. HORRIFIC!

My body shook when I found out about this story and I HAVE to talk about this. A baby named Kyanna Williams in Denver had her face cut during a C-section and is forced to have a plastic surgeon to make 13 stitches to the poor girl’s face to hopefully help with the healing. Granted, I’m no parent or medical expert, but I’m beyond furious hearing this. Apparently, there’s a 0.7% chance of a C-section baby getting a laceration which I wouldn’t have guessed, but that still doesn’t excuse these doctors. I’m glad the family is suing because this is a slam dunk malpractice case and potential attempted infanticide there. First, I hear about the 6-year old Coby Daniels getting shot in Ypsilanti, and now THIS?!? Much like what Phil said, if I found out my newborn child was cut or harmed during birth by the doctors or other medical personnel, I would end up in jail! I hope the family gets justice and for Kyanna’s face to fully heal since SHE DID NOT DESERVE THIS!

If you’re interested in helping out the family, then you can donate over here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/williamsdavis-family

8 thoughts on “A baby’s face was lacerated during a C-section. THIS. IS. HORRIFIC!

  1. Oh my god, that’s so horrible. 😦 I mean, yeah, all surgeries come with the risk of complications, and this is a procedure meant to literally cut a human being out of another, but there HAD to have been precautions that would have prevented this, especially considering how frickin’ deep that cut is. That’s not a little ‘whoops’ nick. If you can tell the baby moved, certainly there are ways to see exactly what is where so you can cut in a better location. Holy hell, imagine if her throat or something had been in that spot! Poor kid. 😦 Hopefully she has a full recovery and, as you said, the family gets justice for this.

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    • I know, and it was horrifying when I saw this video. I certainly agree so many aspects could’ve been prevented even when a C-section is used as a last resort. You brought up an apt point with the fridge horror of what could’ve happened and I shudder to think about the other possibilities. It’s great that you saw this post and commented on here. Seeing people care gives me some hope.

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  2. Truly horrific! What was that doctor doing? Was he/she high? How did that happen? I am glad the family is suing. like Fiddletwix said, imagine if it had been the baby’s throat or head? We are grateful the child is alive, and hope that the family gets justice

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    • Those are legitimate questions, Dr. Y. I seriously wonder if those doctors were on drugs or were malicious while being sober. You and Fiddletwix brought great comments on here and I’m thankful the baby is still alive. Good on the family for suing them.

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