Update to Kyanni Williams’s situation

I know I haven’t posted as frequently as I typically do, but I wanted to share some information.

Some of you know about the story of the baby Kyanni Williams who got a massive scar on her face after being born during an emergency C-section which was horrific. It’s healing up more, but it is still visible. Her family has a GoFundMe page to cover legal and medical costs and they just surpassed their goal of $10000. This is good news for them and I hope people can keep donating to that cause because no baby deserves to be born like that. I hope the Williams family can sue the doctors and be able to take any medical steps necessary to make sure that their little baby’s face is fully recovered.


2 thoughts on “Update to Kyanni Williams’s situation

  1. Hello Ospreyshire. I do hope the best for baby Kyanni Williams and family. Thank you for trying to help others in need. But it angers me to no end we live in a country with such a bloated military that can spend over 300 million a day on endless wars gaining nothing for the country while our people have to fundraise and depend on the kindness of friends, neighbors, and strangers to pay for need necessary medical treatment. I so want to say someday I live in a civilized country that takes care of its people and the government provides needed services like medical care. Best wishes. Hugs

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    • Hello, Scottie. Long time no talk! It’s good how you know about that story and I hope for the best for her, too. You do bring up a good point with how insane the military budget is for wars, but they can’t help their own American citizens. Health care should definitely be seen as a human right like other countries do and that’s not even getting into some medical racism going on in this case. Thank you for commenting on this post.

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