A dying white woman admitted to getting a Black boy lynched because of a lie during her childhood

This is an infuriating story, but I’m not surprised nor is this situation the only case.

A nurse was taking care of an elderly COVID patient who confessed that she lied about a Black boy attacking her in the 1930s and had him lynched, castrated, and watched his house burned down. She mentioned this story on TikTok and it managed to get some attention. I was beyond sickened how she literally got away with murder. Sure, people may know about Emmett Till and how that she-devil admitted to lying about him, but there are plenty more stories that aren’t even reported even now.

And people tell me that this doesn’t happen in America and want to deny this bloody history.

This is pure depravity and I hope she experiences as much spiritual torture forevermore. As Phillip said, Black people would NEVER gang up on a Caucasian person, lynch them, and castrate them (they certainly wouldn’t get away with it if it did happen and that is straight FACTS!). The fact that this harpy wanted it to happen because the boy’s sisters had nicer dresses than she did? Unbelievable! It sickens me how these racists get away with everything. Not only that but there are still to this day no anti-lynching laws which I didn’t even know that until at least a year ago. What should that tell you about this country? I’m beyond furious how evil people like her got to live their lives while people who have done far less than what she did get murdered with impunity. Hell, lynching used to be a public spectacle where they would stop school and work just to kill a Black person in America! I’m holding back from using some profanity-laden rant about her. These are some diabolical double standards and no one can tell me ANYTHING about stereotypes associated with my heritage let alone associated with my maternal side of my family.

12 thoughts on “A dying white woman admitted to getting a Black boy lynched because of a lie during her childhood

    • It truly is sickening, Lynn. Sadly, that was common during the Jim Crow era of America where an accusation like that was seen as the gospel truth. America certainly has a ways to go in terms of race relations, but that time in the early 20th century was one of the nadirs of harmony in society.

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  1. I dunno what shocks me more, that there is no anti-lynching laws (although I shouldn’t be surprised, really) or that I’m not as shocked as I should be by this confession. I don’t have any nice things to say about this woman at all, so I’m not going to say much about her, other than that if she were anyone else, regardless of her age and mental state, they’d toss their asses into prison, especially if they weren’t white. It’s always amazing that white people can confess to things like this and people still refuse to see that racism and anti-black perceptions are very, very real things.

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    • I don’t blame you for wondering if you are shocked or not. I was shocked when I first heard that there were no anti-lynching laws in America a year or so ago. Those bills have been around for decades (since at least the 60s from what I remember), but they never went forward with the house or senate regardless of which party had control of congress or who was President at the time.

      You’re right on with that observation if this was anyone else especially if they weren’t white. It really highlights the clear racial landscape with who gets a pass or not. Trust me, I get furious how even in 2021 people deny that institutional racism doesn’t exist and that’s not getting into the concept of other forms of racism like educational, financial, and medical bigotry for example. Don’t even get me started about how you have people freaking out about critical race theory.

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  2. Like BiblioNyan said earlier, I am shocked and appalled that there are no anti-lynching laws. That is worrying, to say the least. There should always have to be proof with an accusation, too, many innocent people have been falsely persecuted because of slander. I hate that a man’s life was stolen from him for no good reason… that woman is disgusting.

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    • It’s good you agree. You would think that anti-lynching laws would’ve been such a no-brainer on so many levels, but the fact that there aren’t such laws on the books in America is very disturbing to me.

      Exactly when it comes to proof with accusations! It’s a shame that people get arrested let alone punished for something they didn’t do. An extreme example would be The Central Park Five if you know anything about that case. I agree how appealing that woman is.

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      • That case was a terrible example of racial profiling… sexual assault is a horrific thing but, despite that, there should be no conviction unless there is concrete proof. I think I would hate working in the criminal justice system, knowing that so many people are capable of lying and ruining another person’s life on a whim.

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      • Very much so and it was sadly a common thing several decades ago. Sadly it still happens even if it doesn’t play out the same way as back then with false accusations and racial profiling. You’re right and people shouldn’t be convicted unless they are found dead to rights with evidence and proof. It’s sickening how people can get away with lying and making someone’s life miserable.

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  3. I mean I knew the South was messed up in the early 20th century with all this going on, but this is… that’s sick, just plain evil. Scary that she got mad over someone else’s fashion, and led her to do this, and even more too is when she said she was being watched by the boy in the room years after the incident. Assuming it’s true, it must be her conscience acting against her way too late.

    God have mercy on that poor boy, I hope he found a better place than the world he lived in; and (in addition to the nurse’s comment that the boy can only forgive her) God have mercy on the woman and that she repents soon.

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    • Sorry for the delay. I’ve been working a ton.

      Sadly that was common in the South although there was and still messed up stuff even in the North as well. It is straight up evil and infuriating with how she got away with it. The fashion aspect is quite shallow, but it’s not surprising since worse situations have happened if there was anything seen as nice (See: Black Wall Street Massacre in Tulsa, OK). It does make me wonder if it’s a guilty conscience or possibly the boy’s spirit coming down to haunt her as some kind of divine presence if I want to go there.

      Right. He should’ve never been killed and he probably would be a grandfather right now if he was still alive. The nurse did have a great comment about how only the boy can forgive her. It’s just enraging how these atrocities happen and how people want to ignore how severe these lynchings were let alone how these perpetrators got away with everything.


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