Christopher Belter only gets probation for multiple counts of sexual assault. SHAME!

Christopher Belter sexually assaults four underage girls and his punishment is 8 years of PROBATION?! Are you freaking serious? This case is another example of how there are massive double standards with the American (In)justice system. I felt so sickened by hearing this story, but I’m not even surprised anymore. The complexion for the protection (and a bit of money as well) certainly got Belter off of getting a one-way trip to the pen. Shoot, even one of the victims (who is white) said that he wouldn’t have gotten away with it if he was Black or brown. This is the Affluenza teen all over again, but with statutory rape instead of underage drinking, DWIs, and killing people in a car crash.

Also, where the Tartaros is #MeToo? You’ve got all that energy for R. Kelly, but aren’t calling out this guy? Oh, wait. These same people were also quiet about Rob Lowe, Roman Polanski, or the Dow family so I know what makes these same people scream about injustice or not. Your silence speaks volumes, you activists of convenience. You have people locked up for far less and that’s assuming if they haven’t been falsely accused of something. I do feel sorry for the victims and I hate how people like him get away with some of the most wicked crap imaginable. It’s no wonder you have idiots who like this system because they feel that they can get carte blanche for everything! People shouldn’t be telling me that we have a fair and just system. Spare me. I hope others see this and realize how messed up the (in)justice system is. Unbelievable…

2 thoughts on “Christopher Belter only gets probation for multiple counts of sexual assault. SHAME!

  1. Take it from a lawyer who’s worked in the court system (though just for a short time, but that was enough to get an understanding of how things work) — you’re right. Anyone who tells you “Justice for all” is more than an unachieved ideal is either naive or a liar, and any other lawyer who’s being honest will say the same, at least in private. It’s worth looking into sentencing trends in these sorts of cases, taking into consideration the convicted defendants’ ages, financial resources, and racial/ethnic backgrounds.

    One step that I think would help is getting more funding into public defenders’ offices. Speaking honestly again, these are seen as crap jobs by a lot of law students and new lawyers: long hours, high stress, low pay. The people who can cope with all that and still do a good job are often motivated by a higher calling and are absolute saints in my opinion. But then a lot of students who are pretty much required to chase after money because of their high debt loads and family obligations can’t take those jobs, or else they take them out of desperation because they don’t have anything else, and the PD’s office is desperate too thanks to high turnover.

    This is my experience, at least, from talking to friends and colleagues. If our authorities actually cared about the poor/disadvantaged and so on, they’d support these services more fully, but of course they don’t. Instead, you can just buy your own justice — if you can afford it.

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    • Thanks for bringing your perspective as a lawyer to this issue. It does give a lot of insight here. I’m glad you realize that this “justice for all” mindset is a pipe dream at best in this country.

      I didn’t even think about that with those offices. I wasn’t aware of the turnover rates of those jobs.

      Sure thing and it’s a travesty with how bank accounts and race can affect a sentencing in overt or covert ways.

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