Moms of Liberty are triggered by CRT and they want to ban MLK from schools? SERIOUSLY?!?

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Just when I think some people in America couldn’t get any more idiotic with their bigotry, I stand corrected. So this right-wing group called the Moms of Liberty wants to ban Martin Luther King Jr. from the history books because it allegedly “traumatizes” white children. This is so stupid as well as heinous. These Karens as well as their token Asian and Indian crash test dummies want to stop talking about Civil Rights let alone the other parts of American history that expose how racist America was and still is.

Wow, for a group trying to be about America, they sure are using Nazi tactics of book-burning, don’t you think? People just can’t handle the uncomfortable truths about the rampant racism in this country. The concept of CRT has been such a hot debate over the past year. The arguments against it (the fact it’s a collegiate-level curriculum as opposed to the K-12 levels is irrelevant) boil down to “It makes white people feel bad!”. Stop acting like this country is perfect because it’s not. It’s not going to sow the seeds of racial strife. It tells the hard truths and makes sure that history doesn’t repeat itself in America. Shoot, there were so many atrocities I learned on my own that I DIDN’T learn about in school from kindergarten all the way to my undergraduate years in college. Here are some examples of what I didn’t learn during my time as a student and that’s not even counting the events that happened in other countries:

Black Wall Street
The Devil’s Punchbowl concentration camp in Natchez, MS
East St. Louis race riots
The Convict Lease program
Little Rock race riots
The GI Bill did not give any aid to Black soldiers after WWII unlike their white counterparts
Bacon’s Rebellion
Various acts of colonizers cannibalizing African slaves (check out the book The Delectable Negro for more on that subject)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg and I’m still learning about more of these stories. Even the positive stories involving various inventors could be added to that list. People should learn about these things. If a student has any shred of humanity (I at least have SOME hope in that regard although not a lot), then they will be compelled to make a change and to call out these racists in different fields. These Moms of Liberty are straight-up white supremacists and have no right to ban the books or say how other countries do all these terrible things.

5 thoughts on “Moms of Liberty are triggered by CRT and they want to ban MLK from schools? SERIOUSLY?!?

  1. I say Moms of Liberty is full of shit! ‘White people traumatized by the truth.’ Give me a Fucking break! What about Black people killed daily by their damn lies? They are not superior but rather cruel and greedy. Those are facts that they need to acknowledge. Shit their towns make money from incarcerating Black people. Hospitals make money intentionally harming Black people and covering it up to create recurrent revenue streams. Criminal system is just that: CRIMINAL! People in that system should be the ones in prison. They continue to hide behind laws that target us and shield them. I am tired of being polite and trying not to hurt their feelings when they could give a shit about mine!
    Excuse my salty words.

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    • Don’t worry about the salty words, Angela. It’s been a huge learning process hearing about all these atrocities that I didn’t learn about when I was in school (or downplayed at best). Even now, there have been more stories coming out like how there were mass graves of slaves near a shopping center in Staten Island months ago. A week ago, a co-worker and I watched a bit of a documentary that was on PBS of all places that talked about Little Rock, AR and how there was a Black Wall Street-esque neighborhood in the city. She lived in that city at some point of her life years ago and she didn’t know any of that. There are so many double standards and triple standards until there’s eventually no standards with the (in)justice system and in this case, the education system with what they are (not) teaching in any school.


  2. I just learned about Black Wall Street a year ago.

    “So this right-wing group called the Moms of Liberty wants to ban Martin Luther King Jr. from the history books because it allegedly “traumatizes” white children.”

    Actually, there’s a kernel of good news here. That group just admitted that what happened was traumatizing. I’m sure the admission was accidental, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

    This is the challenge before us: To get the facts out, despite those who would follow in the, let’s say, questionable footsteps of those who perpetrated the Fire Oaths.

    Yes, our past holds traumatizing events. How do those who would deny the facts think those kids will react when they find out that not only did their past hold traumatizing events — but that the adults in their lives judged them too weak to accept those facts? They’ll feel traumatizing AND betrayed.

    I’d like to spare them that feeling of betrayal.

    I used to think that truth will out. But I came across something instructive just today. Ever hear of Teotihuacan? If you know much about it, you likely (as most scholars do) think of blood sacrifice atop the Pyramid of the Moon or the Pyramid of the Sun. You probably think it was ruled by vicious priest kings.

    I’ve been reading David Graeber and David Wengrow’s “The Dawn of Everhthing, A New History Of Humanity.” Teotihuacan was only that way very early on, during the initial construction phase of the pyramids and of the Avenue of the Dead. Shortly thereafter, there was some kind of revolt, and the people defaced the Feathered Serpent. They also did away with all of their blood-thirtsy rulers. Can you guess what they did?

    They built pubic housing on an unprecedented scale. Everyone, every strata of their population, lived in what would have been considered plush apartment blocks, each holding around 1,000 people (if memory serves). The society seemed to be by design egalitarian. Probably in reaction to what came before.

    That’s important. Kings/priests/ruling classes/rich exploitation of the poor is not necessarily tied to urbanization. Quite the contrary. But it’s only taken us about 1200 years to finally admit that (Teotihuacan seems to have been abandoned around 750 CE).

    So, yeah. I want MLK taught in schools. I want facts taught in school. I want to practice patriotism, which means I love my country enough to make it better (as opposed to nationalism, which means love of country and a huge FU to anyone who disagrees).

    Now, if you’re not an American citizen, you should substitute your home country here. How cool would it be if we all struggle to make our countries the best on the planet, with the criteria being to see who can treat their citizens the best?

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    • You’re not the first person to say that about Black Wall Street to me. It’s not your fault for not knowing at first because even I didn’t know what it was until after graduating college. It’s only recently that mainstream media has been talking about it such as that event being a legitimate plot point in the Watchman sequel series on HBO or last year when it was mentioned about the unfortunate implications of the former president having a major rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth before they changed the day when there was enough pressure (the George Floyd protests did raise awareness to Black Wall Street both directly and indirectly). If you haven’t, I would strongly recommend watching the documentary Hate Crimes in the Heartland which deals with the history and got interviews from the 3 remaining survivors of that massacre.

      Learning about these lesser-known atrocities can be traumatizing, but the attempted censorship of these events just enrages me. These things should be taught to make sure they don’t happen again. I’m glad that you’ve been willing to learn and to have the humanity to realize that this society needs to do better (not that I thought you didn’t have that humanity before in previous comments). It’s sad how there’s this censorship in addition to diving and conquering without sounding conspiratorial of course.

      Good call with patriotism since blind loyalty to a country without acknowledging the bad things that have been done is counterproductive at best. There’s a difference between that and nationalism which I do agree with you on that point.

      That would be a good idea for countries to do better and be better in treating people with dignity.


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