All I do is lose, lose, lose no matter what

Sometimes I wonder why I bother doing this.

Sure, I’m one of the greatest self-floggers on the planet, but I’m getting tired of always failing in whatever I do. No matter how hard I try and put effort into things, they will always fall asunder. It doesn’t matter whether I’m blogging or doing something creative, nothing I do is ever good enough. Can’t you tell I’m very bitter and furious? That’s not even getting into the insanity going on in today’s world where it’s just too much to count. Funny how my blog unintentionally become some kind of place where I talked about current issues, history, or strong opinions on different subjects. Why even bother?

13 thoughts on “All I do is lose, lose, lose no matter what

  1. Join the club! We MUST understand the structure of the game we’re playing. Our society has become a rigged monopoly game. 99% of us are losing dude. It is imperative that we do not “flog” ourselves. Don’t take it out on yourself or anybody you know. Aim for small victories.

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  2. So many people I care about seem to think that of what they do. I want them to feel better about themselves the same way I feel good about them, but that’s very hard to do. But what exactly is “good enough,” and who has the power to decide that?

    It doesn’t seem to be a popular way to look at things, but I don’t blog very much at all nowadays, and take years to even finish reviewing a 12-episode series. And I’m fine with that. I’ve made some friends on the web over the last few years, and I got to think more deeply about the things I write. And the thought that once in a while, somewhere, somehow, someone I don’t know had a reaction or new thought due to something I wrote – they rarely leave evidence of it, but the thought of it makes me very happy.

    If you want to write genuinely, there’s a very small chance you can make profit on this site. It’s no fault of anyone’s, unless you want to blame the system. But your work has and will reach some people who connect to it, and their knowledge will have been informed by something you’ve written, whether they realize it or not. And though I’m not active enough to keep up with all your posts across your 3 blogs, I have read and enjoyed several of them, and am grateful that your blogs exist.

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    • You think so? It’s good that you want to make others feel better. Sometimes I wonder what does constitute as “good enough”?

      I was curious since I haven’t seen too many posts from you recently. It’s fine if you’re taking a little break. I understand if that is the case.

      I’m well-aware that this isn’t some profitable measure and this blog doesn’t have the views as others or even Iridium Eye. Even then, it’s still in the 5-digit range for all-time views. I do hope the things I write inform and help people. Glad you enjoy my work.

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      • Hey, my all-time views are also in the 5 digits! Quality over quantity, right?

        I’m not deliberately stepping away or anything – it’s just that grad school and my 2 jobs do keep me busy, and I don’t always want to spend my spare time on blogging. I still love it, but might be a while before I get back to blogging regularly, if I ever do!

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      • No way! Congrats and that’s a good way to look at it. Haha!

        Sure thing and I never thought you were completely walking away. Trust me, I can relate with the 2 jobs aspect even though I’m not in grad school. Good on you for putting in that academic and career work outside of your blogging life. I understand with how madly busy life can be.


  3. It’s not just you. I hate the fact I can share something important, creative, or meaningful on social media and nobody cares, yet others can post a selfie of their stupid face and become overnight celebrities! I hate how I can work my arse off making a film from script to screen yet someone can film their holiday and be the more popular film at my film club! My blog has just hit 200,000 views but it took10 years to get there whilst other blogs get that in ten months.

    The point is there are those of us who persist no matter what because it is in us to do so. For every person who becomes a fad and has their 15 minutes of fame before being replaced by the next fad, there are those of us who are still going. Therefore, maybe we are the winners after all?

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