The Carolyn Bryant Warrant Case Pt. II

I found out about this story and I’m going to follow this case to the best of my ability. Big up Lisa Cabrera for making these videos so far let alone with other topics. I’m also surprised that other bloggers have been spreading the original story about the warrant around because this deserves to be widespread. So there are FINALLY people going after Carolyn Bryant who is supposedly in North Carolina and a manuscript has come out about this case. Bryant seems to be changing her story to make herself look more sympathetic which I don’t buy at all especially since Emmett Till died decades ago. Shoot, the recently discovered warrant is older than both my parents for crying out loud! She admitted that she saw the murder of Till the whole time, yet claims to be a victim. No, you’re a perpetrator and this situation could’ve been avoided if you didn’t lie about him sexually harassing or assaulting you! I actually didn’t know that the state of Mississippi was trying to boss around the Till family about how the funeral and casket should be. WOW! Such arrogance! The fact that Bryant got to live her life despite getting away with murder and lies which led to the lynching of a 14-year-old boy! I want to bring up the fact that Bill Ziegler brought up that if he was still alive, he’d be 80 right now. Emmett could’ve been a grandfather living his best life right now, but he obviously couldn’t live long because of this wicked female! Lisa pointed out how the DOJ and various authorities didn’t do anything. The thing is Bryant wasn’t the only woman who got a Black person killed due to a false allegation and I’m sure there are other lethal Karens in her age range who are still alive today.

8 thoughts on “The Carolyn Bryant Warrant Case Pt. II

  1. This is the first time I’ve heard of Lisa Cabrera, but damn … she’s GOOD! I have less than zero empathy for Carolyn Bryant whose lies cost a young boy his life … I will dance in the street if she is finally charged and convicted, if she ever sits in a prison cell. I doubt it will happen, but it should. It should serve as a warning that no matter how much time goes by, we don’t forget, that you are never too old to pay for your crimes. Thanks for sharing this!

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    • No problem. I’ve put a few of her videos on my blog before, but it’s cool regardless. Thank you very much for having compassion involving this story and realizing how vile Carolyn Bryant is. It would be worth dancing if she gets convicted. Thank you so much for reading this.

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      • Oh, I’ve believed Carolyn Bryant was a vile person ever since the first time I heard the Emmett Till story decades ago! She lied, knowing full well what the result of her lies would be. I would spit in her face if ever I met her!

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      • Wow, I repsect that of you and that happened before I was born. I probably learned more about Emmett Till from my parents than I did at school. It’s beyond disgusting how she lied and she still got away with murder. That would be awesome if you got the chance to spit in her face.

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      • Hmmm … I think I may be just a wee bit 😉 older than you, for I was already 4 years old when it happened, though of course I don’t remember it from that time. But I do remember hearing about it as early as maybe age 10 or 12, and being appalled. Oh yeah … I would relish that opportunity!

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      • Gotcha. I could only imagine what it would be like living in those times. It’s good that you were appalled when you heard the horrific news then and even now with this new information with the buried warrant. Wouldn’t that be something if you did that? It also reminded me of the time you said you wish you could fly to Belgium to knock down the King Leopold II statues in during the George Floyd protests. Haha!

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      • Hmmm … now I must be having a memory lapse (happens a lot these days) for I don’t recall saying that about the King Leopold statues in Belgium! I was … and still am … pretty incensed about George Floyd’s murder, though, so anything is possible!

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      • Don’t feel bad if you don’t remember. Here’s the post I did about it:

        Here’s other pictures of a Leopold bust being defaced with red paint to symbolize blood and the face is bound with a canvas bag saying “I can’t breathe”:

        I hear you right there and I’ve been incensed about that and the other similar stories.


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