Mississippi Response to the Carolyn Bryant Warrant (or Lack Thereof)

Screw this blogging hiatus. I’m staying on top of this story.

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for any updates or any angles to the recently discovered warrant buried in a Mississippi courtroom since 1955. There have been some protests including a symbolic eviction notice to the last known address of Carolyn Bryant (assuming if she still lived there) and there was a spotting of protesters showing up at a nursing home that she supposedly lived at, too.

I wondered how the legal process would play out other than the DOJ sitting on their hands, so I thought about the legal stuff on the state level. If Bryant gets charged, she would definitely have to go all the way to MS from North Carolina since the crime happened in the Magnolia State in the town of Money (seriously, that’s sadly the name of the town where Emmett Till was murdered). The AG Lynn Fitch wasn’t going to pursue charges. If I were to make a guess, I think she doesn’t want to send someone who looks like her mom to the pen. There are other officials, but they’ve been silent to the best of my knowledge. Did I forget to mention the DA is Black? I have a bad feeling the could be a sellout if he isn’t throwing the book at Bryant. I hope the pressure continues where the system is forced to charge and arrest this white supremacist murderer who’s already in her 80s.

Here’s a link about some of these updates so far: https://www.blackenterprise.com/mississippi-officials-do-not-plan-to-prosecute-emmett-till-accuser-carolyn-bryant-donham/

6 thoughts on “Mississippi Response to the Carolyn Bryant Warrant (or Lack Thereof)

  1. Absolutely agreed. It’s worth remembering that Germany hasn’t let former concentration camp guards and officers off the hook when they’ve been caught in their 80s and 90s. My own state sent just such a German immigrant back for prosecution after he was discovered over 60 years later — the guy naturally lied about his role during the war when coming to the US. Our state officials have no reason to treat white supremacist murder suspects here differently.

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    • Thank you and you make a good point about the former Nazi guards. When I made the first post about the warrant on my blog, I pointed out that a 101 year old Nazi was arrested this year. That’s not even counting the ones they found all over the world to be sent to The Hague. That is crazy with that story about the German immigrant, but I believe it. I hear you right there, and it’s frustrating how white supremacists get a blind eye sadly enough.

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    • Of course. Why would they hide away this warrant for decades for Carolyn Bryant if they knew Emmett Till was innocent (saying nothing about her admitting to lying the whole time after the fact). This has to be one of the biggest murder cover-ups in American history. I hope this ongoing story gets more traction and there’s enough pressure to finally get her arrested.

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