Tell Me Why We Should Erase This History

I’m not sorry for putting these pictures of Emmett Till on here. Some of you may not have heard of this situation, especially my non-American audiences. Keep in mind Emmett was only FOURTEEN when those white supremacists slaughtered him all because of Carolyn Bryant’s lie. They mobbed him, profusely beat him up, shot above his ear, thrown in the Tallahatchie River, and there was a cotton gin fan blade anchoring his corpse. His body was found by two boys who were busy fishing in the river and found his body. I want you to gaze at his disfigured body knowing that information. If you think that it’s okay to erase the history of slavery, racism, abuse, and white supremacist terrorism or God forbid you think Emmett Till deserved it, then unfollow me right now because I don’t need people like you around here. I get that I’ve been talking about Emmett Till a lot lately once the 1955 warrant resurfaced in that Mississippi courthouse, but I need to do my best to spread what information whether in the past or present. It sickens me how you have politicians and special interest groups who want to erase this uncomfortable history of America where innocent blood was shed. Not to get too theological on you, but the shedding of innocent blood pollutes the land (Psalms 106:38). Emmett Till wasn’t the only one, but he was the one that got enough attention to kickstart the Civil Rights Movement. Does anyone want to tell me that this is a blameless country or God’s country? Only a devil would do something like this and it’s infuriating how people like Carolyn got away with it. Let me ask you a question. When was the last time in America when a white boy was lynched because of a Black woman lying on him and Black men slaughtered that aforementioned boy? Exactly. If that isn’t proof positive of the racially-coded double standards in this nation, I don’t know what is. If that hypothetical situation did happen, it would be all over the news and the Black assailants would be executed on site. Stop preaching to me to be positive all the time when there are catacombs for closets here. There are too many people excusing evil acts like these.

9 thoughts on “Tell Me Why We Should Erase This History

  1. Well said, my friend. Carolyn Bryant caused Emmett Till’s death and has never paid for it with a single tear or day of her life. No, you can look all you want, but you won’t find an instance of a white man being lynched because a Black woman accused him. In fact, we are headed back toward the days of Jim Crow, the days where Blacks were persecuted simply for the ‘crime’ of … being Black. White supremacy, or as they call it, ‘white nationalism’ is on the rise and it won’t surprise me to see a resurgence of the KKK … in fact, I think the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and Three Percenters may all be offshoots, or training grounds for the new KKK. And look around … the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) is holding its meeting in Texas next week … with the white nationalist leader of Hungary as the keynote speaker … Viktor Orbán, who has spoken many times about being against immigration, against interracial marriages, against any but pure white people. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. This is the direction our nation … well, half of it anyway … wishes to go.

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    • Thank you, Jill. I’m glad you understood my point of that situation never happening if it was reversed. That’s an apt way to put it when overt racism has become more prevalent over the past few years. It’s not surprising if that were the case of Oath Keepers, Pround Boys, etc. being offshoots of the KKK and those are just the more well known examples as of late. I didn’t know Viktor Orban was going to be at CPAC. That is so facepalm worthy because I did hear about how much of a bigot he is when I was learning about European news a few times. SMH.


  2. ‘They’ all benefit from white supremacy. Carolyn Bryant is alive and should be charged and convicted. But they will let her live out her life in peace. And you bet there will be a movie from her perspective. She and her family will make money off her crime. Look what they did to Bill Cosby. That is the criminal system they call justice. Don’t get me started.

    Do you know anything about the white men who terrorized and murdered Emmett Till?

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    • Exactly and she should be tried and convicted. It’s interesting how you mentioned a movie because I found out yesterday when I was on YouTube where a trailer for a movie came up as a pre-roll ad called Till is going to come out later this year. The timing was eerie given this ongoing story. I could name even more examples including stories I heard about today, but I’d have a novel’s worth of text in the comment section.

      I know the two main ones died several years ago. One of them died of bone cancer to the best of my knowledge, but I remember they died of natural causes.

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    • I had to look up whatever names I could find. The two main ones were Roy Bryant and JW Milam. Both are dead, so you can’t put handcuffs on the deceased. Those two were acquitted back then since the judge and jury believed Carolyn’s story and because it’s Mississippi in the 50s where there was even less Civil Rights and a heck of a lot more overt racism if you pardon my caustic attitude about them getting away with it. If I find more information about anyone else in that lynch mob, I’ll put that out there.

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