A Microscopic Rant

It’s better to talk about current events and serious news.

Why bother doing anything else, especially in the creative category?

Come on, I have to find SOME way where I don’t feel like a worthless blogger, let alone a person!

I do care. I don’t want to be shallow.

When you’ve been pressured into being silent for so long, you have no choice but to unleash that emotion and speak up.

Well, apparently everyone else has an excuse to do so except me, but you didn’t hear that from yours truly.

Maybe in addition to talking about important things, perhaps calling people out could be in order?

Who cares if my content won’t be as entertaining as it used to be (the reasons why one would be entertained is irrelevant even though I’m sure people are talking crap about me in other places)? Nobody cares about anything else I do! Hahahahaha!!! XD

2 thoughts on “A Microscopic Rant

  1. Ospreyshire, I am sorry that I have not been on here in a few days, but as you know I am battling the entire burg called “Lynchburg” and with a name like that….well….that should say it all. Needless to ‘say’, I am going to have to file my own case in Federal Court because even the lawyers that I have spoken with are wondering when am I leaving this burg. Can you believe it? A woman can sue McDonald’s because coffee is hot, but I’m having lawyers ready to escort me out of town for calling racists out. I am going to play so many tapes if I get a court hearing, there is going to be screeching from this burg all the way to Minnesota.

    But Ospreyshire, write about whatever you feel and if it resonates with someone, they’ll be glad you did.

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    • There’s no need to be sorry especially if you’re still dealing with the Lynchburg problem going on. That’s a good reason enough since that’s going to be a rough battle and more important than scrolling through blogs, so I get it. It is so insane with the legal situation going on, but I hope you do win this lawsuit regardless if it’s Federal, State, County, or City. I know you’ll give them all the smoke with the evidence you have.

      Sure thing. I’ve had some self-doubts recently, but I do appreciate the encouragement. I’ll have to think of good posts in addition to following the Carolyn Bryant story as it unfolds.

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