Grand Jury Refuses To Indict Carolyn Bryant

I know I usually don’t post links to mainstream news sources, but this was breaking news at the time when I discovered it (okay, besides the Mar-A-Lago raids, but we’re not talking about that). Despite the 1955 warrant, finding Carolyn Bryant’s location in Kentucky, and public knowledge of her lying about Emmett Till, the grand jury in Mississippi WILL NOT INDICT HER!!!

Are you freaking serious?! The sad part is that I really shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s no less infuriating. This lying murder accomplice was found dead to rights snuffing the life of Emmett Till and people won’t do anything to put her behind bars? Wow, America really does protect white supremacist thugs and proves me right even more with how it’s a massive color-coded injustice system in this country. No, prison time is only for elderly Nazi members (they do deserve to be jailed, so don’t misconstrue me) and not for American terrorists like Carolyn Bryant, her late husband, and other associates according to those devils! Of course, it’s sad that most people won’t care because they’re too busy cloistering themselves with reality shows, social media, video games, or whatever crappy celebrity gossip is happening right now. Those people are just shallow. Of course, if you think Carolyn shouldn’t be criminally punished despite the evidence and her own lies, then that’s YOUR problem and not mine. I don’t care that she’s old, has medical conditions, and is a grandma. She is a devil and deserves to face justice after a decades-long delay.

God, this makes my blood boil seeing her getting away with it again! I hope Carolyn sees Emmett Till’s visage giving her a cold stare as she’s screaming while Satan drags her to Hell!

2 thoughts on “Grand Jury Refuses To Indict Carolyn Bryant

  1. There are times when I really hope divine judgment is real, because if it’s not, a lot of evil in the world will go unaddressed. But sadly, as you say, this is not surprising. I don’t typically write about heavy subjects on my own blog, but serious crimes (and systemic — racist and other forms of bigoted murders are still happening after all in this country) can’t be avoided or ignored.

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    • I hear you right there. I feel the same way with evil people getting away with things especially as I get older and realize what happened that I didn’t learn about in history. It’s understandable with your blog’s content, but at least you care just by commenting on here. I also liked when you talked about the Cargill issue last year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect since I have hobbies since I can only take so much severe news at once, but I don’t want to ignore these immense issues.

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