A Literal White Privilege Card Used By a Filipina Was Used To Get Out Of a Traffic Stop

I know this is a divergence from the ongoing Carolyn Bryant case, but this story is so insanely ridiculous that I just have to bring it up. So this ultra-right-wing Filipina-American woman was in Alaska over the summer and she was swerving on the road. The cops pulled her over to see what was happening and she got out of a ticket because she flashed a white privilege card to the authorities which made them laugh and let her off the hook. I wish I was making this up and let me repeat this. A woman who is clearly of Asian descent and has a visible amount of melanin got away with a traffic citation because of a white privilege card! The level of stupidity and hypocrisy is over 9000. Sure, the cops got suspended since this was caught on film, but this is pure insanity on so many levels. Man alive, I have a white dad and this woman has my skin tone more or less, and I know for a fact I wouldn’t get away with it if I was in her situation. I could also make a joke about how the Fox News-watching types who normally don’t believe the concept of white privilege exists suddenly can buy a card to see if they can get out of a ticket or potentially jail time depending on how bad the crime is. I hope she tries that again in another city or state and the authorities deny it. The card itself wasn’t subtle with the humor with the “trumps everything” slogan and it’s good from birth until death. She better not be crying when she gets her wake-up call that she isn’t of the Caucasian persuasion in America. Don’t misconstrue what I’m saying. I’m not saying everyone who’s Filipino much less in the Asian community has that mindset, but someone like her should seriously know better in this racially-tiered system in America. This situation is so maddening and I wonder if others have tried to do the same thing.

10 thoughts on “A Literal White Privilege Card Used By a Filipina Was Used To Get Out Of a Traffic Stop

      • I have heard about the wealth privilege and classism issues in the UK. I feel like the racism in America at large compared to Europe and other countries tends to be more overt. Also, (correct me if I’m wrong) I’ve noticed that you have white people in other countries saying that they would never get away with doing most of the same things that happen here in the states while still acknowledging the problems of their home countries.

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      • Oh, we absolutely have racism but I would venture it is less about white privilege per se and more about sheer ignorant bigotry. It’s akin to homophobia – just pure spite, not sense of grandeur.

        And you are quite correct, if anyone tried the white supremacy card they would be flayed alive (metaphorically) from all sides and certainly not have an legal credence behind them.

        You may have heard that statues of public figures exposed as former slave owners were toppled here in the UK which says a lot about our attitude towards white supremacy.

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      • Sure thing. I did hear some stories from other Brits I’ve talked to online of different ethnic groups. Some of those cases dealt with ignorant bigotry and the more malicious examples were typically covert dog whistles that they were able to decode.

        EXACTLY! I’m glad you understand that and I know everyone regardless of ethnicity would excoriate those individuals. I’ve seen some videos where that stuff happened and some online reactions to such bad behavior.

        That’s right. The Colston statue in Bristol was the big one that even us Americans heard about during the protests. It was interesting seeing the worldwide response in other countries. Even in Belgium, you had statues of King Leopold II removed or painted over by protestors in response to the Congolese Genocide, if you know anything about that. Granted, removing statues aren’t the be all end all, but that is a start. On a more positive note, it was interesting seeing support going on in the UK whether it’s something serious as the George Floyd protests or even in positive things like the Everything Patterned shows in BritWres (I was so glad the sequel happened with Progress) for racial harmony, for example.

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      • We’ve had our fair share of black people harmed or killed by the police so the empathy for the George Floyd scenario was natural.

        In fact, just today a story in the news reaffirms the institutionalised racism in the police force as a black UK Olympic athlete was stopped for the second time by police in a case of “racial profiling”. Also recently, a 15 year-old black girl was subjected to arrest and strip search for no other reason than to humiliate her, whilst cases of racial banter on video and text messages by police keep coming to light.

        Not a good sign that we have supposedly moved on from our dark past…

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      • I’ve heard some of those stories and it’s sadly something that isn’t just in America. It’s great that you have empathy over there when it comes to the victims.

        That’s very frustrating to hear that and it’s happened on this side of the pond. I remember during early lockdown that a Black local politician from my state (I think he was a city rep or councilman?) was profiled when wearing a mask because they thought he was going to commit crime when he clearly wasn’t. There were a couple of times where I was profiled by police when I was driving despite not doing anything wrong. Hopefully, the police got punished especially if they had racist videos and text messages when dealing with the girl.

        I hear you right there and progress isn’t going to be instantaneous. It’s good how there are people who actually care and want to learn though.

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