Situational Ethics On Full Display!

These same people who were cheerleading the FBI not too long ago are now suddenly wanting that organization to be defunded just because Trump’s Mar-A-Lago abode got raided. I’m not surprised. These are also the same bigots who were screaming “back the blue” whenever there is a police brutality case (the George Floyd protests being a big example) before shouting “f*** the blue!” during the January 6th insurrection last year. They complain that the FBI is getting “too political” just because a former president is involved. Then again, Fred Hampton and Martin Luther King Jr. never threatened to kill anyone, but they were targeted and eventually assassinated when you have white supremacists who aren’t treated like that. Oh, but when it’s THEIR team facing searches and raids now it’s suddenly a problem. Those entitled bigots really have some nerve here. Yes, I’d be saying the same thing if Trump was a Democrat, so don’t play that partisan crap with me since I’m not affiliated with any political party. These terms about “Gestapo tactics” is a massive overstatement because white people are not treated like that in America even if they do something heinous. Phillip Scott is on point with his examples and commentary. I’m also not surprised when he brought up the statistics of Black children assumed to be doing something bad despite none of the kids regardless of their race doing anything disrespectful in the study groups. It’s sad, but not surprising. Phillip Scott was also correct in talking about not being able to say all the things he wants to not get a knock on his door and I agree. I’ve said controversial things and even then I have to word things a certain way even when I’m being harsh on someone or something. Think about it, you have all these mass shooters saying all kind of violent rhetoric before they go on a rampage, yet it’s never prevented. I would never spout those kinds of talking points or even act on doing something that evil and even I feel like I have to watch what I say or write about even if I’m talking about movies or music for example. It’s pure hypocrisy and I wish it wasn’t the case. Not going to lie, I’m curious to see what would happen if those charges stick.

People just don’t care about others unless something happens to them. I could quote a certain blogger on WordPress to accentuate my point about certain people not caring who was defensive at me on their blog despite the fact I wasn’t attacking them, but that would be incongruous for this situation. If that’s not a statement about how selfish and prejudicial people are, then I don’t know what is.

3 thoughts on “Situational Ethics On Full Display!

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  2. Do you mind if I offer a little bit of advice? I know it’s kinda arrogant, but I think it might help.

    There are times in history when the facts are so profoundly obvious that merely restating them has more than the usual weight.

    Your points about the different reactions between the police kneeling on George Floyd’s neck until he died versus (i.e., murdered him) versus the FBI executing a legal search warrant with no injuries or fatalities is spot on. The contrast of beyond obvious. It’s blatant. There is no defense for speaking ill of the FBI for operating as an instrument of the law, according to the law, in a nation that says it is a nation of laws. We either are, or we aren’t, and I choose to advocate on the side of “we are.”

    I’d stop the message there. Saying anything else just gives those who are against equality under the law reasons to complain.

    True. They will complain regardless. But they aren’t your audience. They cannot be. Nothing you say, do, hope, feel, pray, or otherwise try to affect will sway them.

    Your audience are moderates. The people trying to live day in and day out. The people who don’t have time to spend all day watching new programs that aren’t designed to inform them.

    Convince them. Remind them. They’re good people who are too busy to listen most of the time. That’s why it’s important to stay on message. People who oppose you are not relevant. Propaganda is not relevant. Insults are not relevant. Only the facts matter, and this site is your opportunity to present your facts.

    I can’t promise following this advice will make any difference. But I can say that I at least feel better about myself for not arming those who oppose equality under the law.

    And please do keep in mind I might be utterly wrong.

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    • You didn’t come off as arrogant to me, so don’t worry about it. Sorry about not responding right away. I tend to take longer with text block comments to do my best to have a decent response.

      Good point about things that are so obvious that just mentioning them has gravitas. It’s a shame that some of these obvious things have been obscured.

      Thank you for appreciating my insight on the obvious contrast of those situations. I know these are still allegations, but it’s still something I’m curious about and it still proves my point whether how important the search warrant was. Sure, it’s a new experience that has never happened in my lifetime in regards to former presidents, but the reaction of people freaking out yet feel apathetic towards George Floyd then is so apparent.

      I’ve certainly wondered about people complaining and I do my best to present things with facts and logic. I want to bring light to so many issues big or small around the world especially since I’ve lost a lot of my creative drive. It would be terrible if I came of as shallow. Thank you. Recently, I was confronted about something nowhere near as serious on my other blog, so there are times where I do hope what I say makes sense when I present facts and/or argue my points about something.

      I hear you right there, and I do appreciate your comment.

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