Pondering my own opinions and observations

I had been thinking a lot today and I’m trying not to give into an old habit of caring (too much) about what other people think of me or what I say. Sometimes I wonder if the things I post have some kind of important impact on people. Sure, I get some likes and positive comments here and there which is cool, but there are times when I wonder if people are either trying to be nice or badmouthing me behind my back (figuratively and/or literally whether offline or online). I’ve actually been surprised that I haven’t had certain reactions whenever I talk about severe subjects or have controversial insights on society or forms of entertainment. Yes, I am aware that I have gotten a certain reputation when it comes to my thoughts on various movies and anime series, but I won’t be going there in that post. I have to do my best to stick to my guns, especially when I know I’m right or when I can back up the opinions I have with evidence and logic.

Have any of you had those thoughts before on your blog like when you get specific comments or get attention for certain posts you’ve typed?

6 thoughts on “Pondering my own opinions and observations

  1. I’ve noticed that when someone reads a new post by me and they take umbrage with it, they “unfollow” me which is fine with me because I don’t get a cent from posting on my blog and even if I did, what I write are my experiences and most oftentimes, those experiences that I write about are backed up with facts; irrefutable proof of why I took a stance on a particular subject. People will generally take it or leave it. And if they leave it, so be it, but I’m going to continue to write based off my experiences.

    Be you Ospreyshire, and let no one try and make you be anyone else.

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    • I certainly don’t make money on my blog, so I can relate to that. Thanks for sharing your insight and I’m doing my best to be consistent even with my breaks from blogging at times to bring up important news, my observations, or (rarely) my creative projects.

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  2. I’ve felt this way with Instagram. I have a cosplay account and have lost followers by posting stuff not related to cosplay. I don’t cosplay as much as I used to now, so now I’m just stuck with this account and I don’t really know what to do with it. I try not to think about others’ opinions as well, but it’s hard not to sometimes.

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  3. I rarely get likes or comments so I haven’t experienced any negativity, nor do I notice if anyone has “unfollowed” my blog. It is this lack of response that makes me wonder if I have an audience at all out side of a few regulars.
    My stats show people are looking at my posts, quite often older ones (many of which surprise me) but nobody replies or leaves a like so did they not like it? I’ll never know…

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    • Gotcha. Keep on plugging away at your blog though. I’ve noticed a couple examples of people unfollowing me and the last one must have been that one blogger (who shall remain nameless) that I called out for their behavior towards me and gaslighting me. I don’t know if they stopped after I made a comment in passing on my blog, but that’s irrelevant. I’m sure you’ll figure something out. Sometimes I wonder why some days I get more views than others though.

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