This Racist Indonesian at Northwestern University Spotted with Blackface to Mock the New Ariel

Sorry for saying that I wouldn’t be posting as much. I did surprisingly have some free time yesterday and I just had to post on this story when I found out about it.

It’s been a while since I ranted about Disney on this blog!

This Indonesia Law student at Northwestern University was caught doing a disgusting parody of those reaction videos of the upcoming Little Mermaid trailer featuring Halle Bailey. Yes, I did see the original trailer even though I have no plans to see this remake. I remember the racist backlash when they announced the casting a few years ago, but wow these white supremacists and their sellout allies have been absolutely livid. These same people who didn’t bat an eye about Scarlett Johanson playing Motoko Kusanagi in the American live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell are throwing a tizzy about the new Ariel. It wasn’t limited to the racists of the Caucasian persuasion, but this bigot from the Jakarta region just had to get his Al Joelson on TikTok and now he’s getting dragged on the net for his blatant racism. I hope the pressure is on for him to get expelled and deported back to his homeland. I get Disney has been getting a ton of buzz once the trailer dropped and there were all these reaction videos of Black girls seeing an Ariel who looked like them. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them for wanting to see themselves in a positive way, remake or not, but this remake isn’t going to make the House of Mouse a bastion of anti-racist allyship. Can we at least agree that much, everybody? Remember that this is the same company that tried to make that Princess of North Sudan Movie not even a decade ago, tried to trademark “Dia de los Muertos” with Coco, and (if you’ve known me for a while, you see where this is going) never owned up to the racist stuff they did with The Lion King with the portrayal of the hyenas and still haven’t dropped the “Hakuna Matata” trademark to this day. I’m also glad Phillip brought up the whitewashing and blackface with real-life people or fictional characters who weren’t white, to begin with. I’m also sick of people who tell me not to call out stuff with fiction when these same people freak out about stuff like this. I could namedrop certain bloggers who attacked me or think that way, but I’m not that petty. It’s 2022 and people are still being complete morons and showing their klan hoods because of a new depiction of someone from the Disney Princess Breakfast Club.

To that guy who pulled off that blackface nonsense, you won’t get to kiss the girl with your bigotry. I had to shoehorn a Little Mermaid reference in somewhere.

4 thoughts on “This Racist Indonesian at Northwestern University Spotted with Blackface to Mock the New Ariel

    • Sorry for the delay. There are certainly a group of them who don’t know about GITS or watch anything created by Asians, so you’re not wrong in that aspect. Those would be the most ignorant as well as most extreme. However, you’ve got the more subliminal ones who wouldn’t seem that way until something upsets them like a fictional character who goes “against their childhood”, if you will. Either way, it’s still insane with this backlash and this is coming from someone who isn’t a Disney fan!


  1. I’m not a Disney fan either, but I’ve seen this backlash as well. Sadly this comes as no surprise every time it comes up. There are a load of reasons to criticize Disney as you say, and this move certainly isn’t going to make them into moral leaders or any such thing, but it’s still ridiculous to complain about this specifically, outside of the general pointlessness of these live-action remakes that have nothing to do with their casting decisions. But the racist strain in some online criticism keeps poisoning the conversations about these works.

    You also reminded me of that Princess of North Sudan nonsense they were planning, that was amazing. The story behind it is interesting, but more as a character study of the girl’s father and not exactly as an inspirational tale for kids. A lot of weird people claim Bir Tawil because of its officially unclaimed status, but most of them do it more as a joke than anything else. All that said, I don’t see how the project got to the phase of being publicized before someone realized the implications of it. And apparently the “princess” is now embarrassed by her dad’s actions, which I guess is to her credit.

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    • That’s fine and people like us are a rarity, right? Haha! In all seriousness here, I agree that it’s no surprise with that backlash which is aggravating. Disney featuring this iteration of Ariel as a Black woman isn’t a free pass or a sign of them being more progressive and I’m glad you noticed that, too. No disagreement about these live-action remakes being pointless. I even facepalmed when I heard they were going to make a live-action Robin Hood (yes, the one with the fox), but that’s a conversation for another day. This situation also reveals how racist parts of the Disney fandom are even though people won’t admit it.

      Yeah, and I was angry back then even though I was nowhere near as cognizant about certain issues. That father was such an idiot and spoils his daughter to much. I wouldn’t have an issue if he gave her a princess doll or a tiara, but planting a flag near the Sudan/Egypt border is pure colonizer cringe. There’s a reason why they got so much backlash especially since you have people in Africa still alive who remember when their home countries were under European colonial rule. I was furious when he made that comment about his “kingdom” having no one except for a few Bedouins to which I mentally shouted “Bedouins are people, too, you idiot! They just have a nomadic lifestyle!”. Good on the “princess” for embarrassed for her dad’s attempt to make her royalty in North Africa. Even then I was intellectually insulted when Disney tried to hype her up as the first “African princess” when pitching the movie and it was good that I saw a few people pointed out that Disney had never made an animated movie that had Black characters in Africa. Seriously, how insane is it that the only African princess from a geographic standpoint is Nala? Let that fact marinate in your brain. It’s no wonder why I watch so many international films instead of most mainstream stuff.

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