Whoopi Goldberg, you’re despicable for defending Carolyn Bryant!

If there was any news involving Carolyn Bryant, I wanted to cover it. I did hear about that Till movie coming out this year, but I didn’t want to make any mention of it until the movie was released. However, warning signs went off when I saw that Whoopi Goldberg was cast to play Emmett Till’s grandmother.

Once I heard about this story where Whoopi opened her mouth about this atrocity, I just HAD to talk about it. Trust me, Candace Owens and Kanye West haven’t been the only ones selling out in a hardcore fashion with that infamous Paris Fashion Show stunt, but this case is just as appalling.

Whoopi said that Carolyn Bryant doesn’t need to be in jail and should just admit to what she did.

ARE. YOU. FREAKING. SERIOUS?!?!?! This is low even for you! I’m not expecting her to be some major activist, but I know she knows better. I’m glad Phil used the example of the Jewish community not forgiving Nazis and how they are still getting locked up despite being centenarians even this year, so how on earth could Whoopi or any sane person defend what this murderer did. She was responsible for a lynching, got others to kill Emmett, admitted she was lying about being harassed or assaulted, and never spent a day in jail for her crimes. Now the mainstream media is going to use Whoopi’s comment as a rhetorical dodge and encourage people to forgive her. I’m not like her, so I’m definitely going to call her out. She doesn’t represent me, and she certainly doesn’t represent the Till family. I’m definitely not going to watch that Till movie, especially after this nonsense.

I’m not a fan of Whoopi Goldberg whether it’s her acting, stand-up, or her stuff on The View even though I don’t watch that show. She’s said and done stupid things, but this is the most offensive thing she’s done in her career so far. Keep in mind, this is the same person who defended the crows in the Dumbo movie and believed that they should’ve kept the “I Ain’t Seen No Elephant Fly” song let alone having the characters in the remake (even Tim Burton was smart enough NOT to include them). I’ve said this multiple times, but this bears repeating…the lead crow’s name is Jim! Speaking of Disney, this is also the same person who played a character while portraying Black stereotypes and using her “hood” voice. Yes, I’m obviously talking about Shenzi the hyena from The Lion King, but you knew I was going to make that potshot given the reputation I got here (I’m sure Carolyn Bryant thinks all Black people are like that character or the other hyenas). This is straight-up blasphemous what she did and I don’t see how any person could find what she said to be good.

Whoopi, you’re a godforsaken traitor for defending that white supremacist devil!

14 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg, you’re despicable for defending Carolyn Bryant!

    • It was very infuriating hearing her say that and I wondered what caused her to say or think something like that. I’m also doing my best not to be conspiratorial about why like being potentially pressured, but regardless, she shouldn’t have been saying that at all.

      Thanks for the comment. I had to rant about this ongoing topic even if it involved a different angle.

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      • I can’t imagine why she would have said that … but the reality is that we both know Ms. Bryant will never be punished for her crime. I don’t think Whoopi was pressured, I think it just popped out of her mouth and she may since be kicking herself for her insensitivity. Hard to say.

        Always feel free to rant when something gets under your skin … I find that if I don’t speak what I’m thinking, it eats at me … don’t need anymore health issues caused by stress!

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      • Sure and I feel like my brain would hurt trying to find out the rationale as to why Whoopi said that about Carolyn Bryant. I hope Whoopi regrets what she said because I’m very concerned about the implications and how she’s starring in the Till movie which comes out soon.

        Thank you and that’s good advice. Blogging has allowed me to do that and even then I had to hold back on certain things. I had a bad habit of being silenced or silencing myself when people have done me wrong or if I’m legitimately angry or depressed.

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      • My best guess is she was saying that at this point, a jail sentence is less relevant than a confession from Bryant. It was probably a comment made on the fly and one that she didn’t put any deep thought into, for Whoopi is a humanitarian above all else. And the reality is that Bryant will not serve a day in jail … it’s already been decided and perhaps it’s time to set that aside and focus on at least getting a confession before she dies. Yes, my friend, I’d like to see Ms. Bryant in prison too, but the time for that was decades ago. If she went to prison now, she’d serve what … maybe a few months before she died? Perhaps a confession and apology would mean more. And, as I said, she won’t be going to prison … it’s not even in the realm of possibility.

        I am eagerly and yet with trepidation awaiting that movie! I’ll have to wait until I can watch it on the computer, and I know it will be heartbreaking, but I still want to see it.

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      • I heard Whoopi has done humanitarian work before, but I still wonder what caused her to say that. That still infuriates me how the courts won’t do anything despite the evidence and the recently-found warrant. She should still confess what she did which I won’t deny, but I do wish she would spend time behind bars when so many people have gone to jail for far less than what she did and that’s not counting those who were wrongfully convicted. There’s no statute of limitations for murder, so that definitely should apply to Carolyn Bryant.

        I personally won’t be seeing the movie even before hearing the Whoopi quote, but I understand if you do.

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      • Indeed, Whoopi supports too many causes to list, from AIDS/HIV to civil rights to gender equality to homelessness to voter education to cancer … well, you get the picture. That’s why I think it must have been an off-the-cuff remark that she didn’t think before speaking. Yes, I will watch the movie when it becomes available on my computer with closed captioning, for otherwise I would not be able to understand a word that was said. That will probably be a year or two from now.

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      • Gotcha. I knew she did some charity work, but not that many causes. With that said, it did hurt when she made that comment about Carolyn Bryant.

        Alright then. I don’t think you’ll have to wait that long, but I get it if you have other things to watch or busier commitments.

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      • Oh, it’s not that I have other things to watch but being nearly deaf, I cannot see a movie in a theater where there is no closed-captioning. So, I have to wait until it comes on Amazon Prime or Netflix or somewhere that I can view it and actually understand the dialog!

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      • No worries! I’ve lived with it all my life, but in the past few years I literally cannot hear well enough to understand what anyone is saying on a television or movie screen, so it’s a wasted effort without closed-captioning.

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