Happy Birthday, Mom!

Here’s a positive post. Today is my Mom’s birthday and I thought I would wish her well. I got to celebrate with her yesterday with my family and it was nice to be able to do that. I’m thankful to be her son and I’m glad she appreciated my gifts for her. I got her some Swazi handicrafts and jewelry which is all fair-trade, too. Happy Birthday, Mom!

So Called Cancel-able Music Opinions

So I was looking at Twitter the other day even though I don’t have an account, and apparently, some people have been making tweets with unpopular opinions that would supposedly get one “canceled”. Are people really getting canceled for having a contrary opinion? This isn’t about current events, news, or politics. These are people talking about music, movies, video games, sports, pro wrestling, fiction, etc. I didn’t know cancel culture went that far. I saw a thread involving these music hot takes and some of them were funny. Sorry, I have to do something humorous after having a lot of negative feelings about life and the world. I used to be a big music fan, but I have a love/hate relationship with music. Yes, I know the obvious irony of me posting a statement like that on this blog, but most of my most viewed content was anything but that, so I guess I’m proven right. I pity those who are music fans and musicians. Let’s have some fun despite my disdain towards so many facets of everything.

-Mae hasn’t released anything good after The Everglow.

-Beyonce is one of the most overrated singers of all time.

-I don’t understand the hate of Lucerin Blue.

-mewithoutYou make some unique music and I like their stuff, but their stans are obnoxious!

-The Last Poets>Several modern-day rappers

-Driver Eight is one of the most underrated indie rock bands from the 90s.

-These “Gangstas need love too” songs are the rap music equivalent of the hair metal ballads from the 80s. Ex: Most hit singles from Plies, Ja Rule, “Made to Love” by Lil Wayne, etc.

-Pop punk songs are 1st world problems in musical form. It’s also sad that there are bands in their 30s and 40s still rocking scene wear, singing about these whiny lyrics, and still sound like they haven’t hit puberty yet when they sing. SMH.

So what are your cancel-able music hot takes?

I have a hard time letting go

I could be ranting about the situations going on in the world and not just what’s happening in Ukraine, but I was thinking of my own personal conflicts going on. Recently, I’ve been having terrible flashbacks of people bullying and disrespecting me, but getting away with it. Some of those moments involved me confronting them, but I’m treated like the bad guy even though I didn’t do anything immoral. It’s like the world just wants to toss me in the garbage can. No wonder I struggle with internalizing so many hurts because I feel like no one listens to me or believes me whenever I do speak up while others are treated with kid’s gloves. I don’t want to be disrespected and I hate being treated like the villain for standing up for myself, but it’s cool for people to do vile crap and they have an excuse. Everyone in the world has an excuse except me. That’s how it feels. There were times when I was a doormat in hindsight when I was younger and I held onto those horrible memories. Letting go isn’t that easy when my memory still holds onto those bad experiences. I don’t see others getting the same treatment for trying to stand up for themselves.

I guess I’m just an anomaly and a miserable exception. While some others have it worse than me, I’ll just sit here in pure despair after trying so hard to empower myself. Don’t worry. I’m. Used. To. It!

How do you deal with people who’ve wronged you in the past? Have you ever held grudges?

Ungrateful People

That quote speaks for itself. I’ve had too many ungrateful people in my life who never appreciate the things I do for them. Shame on me for being quiet all this time. I wish those same people would feel my absence and realize how much of a parasite they were to me or realize that I’m not some demon for people to project their feelings on. It’s no wonder why I tend to come off as more opinionated at best or enraged at worst online compared to my offline life where I tend to be quiet most of the time. I hope those ungrateful people realize how they’ve taken advantage of me all this time and beg for me to come back into their lives. It would feel empowering to tell them no or force them to go on an apology tour where they confess their sins to me or the whole world. Sigh…if only life was like that when it comes to the people who have abused me or at minimum my trust or generosity.

An article about Black Inventors


I thought I should have a post for Black History Month, so I thought I would share a link with you. There have been so many African-American inventors that people haven’t heard of. Sadly, you had inventions stolen by the dominant society even after slavery. There have been so many inventions like cotton scrapers, folding beds, yellow traffic lights, filaments, moving blood banks, and video game cartridges to name a few. Feel free to check out the article.

All I do is lose, lose, lose no matter what

Sometimes I wonder why I bother doing this.

Sure, I’m one of the greatest self-floggers on the planet, but I’m getting tired of always failing in whatever I do. No matter how hard I try and put effort into things, they will always fall asunder. It doesn’t matter whether I’m blogging or doing something creative, nothing I do is ever good enough. Can’t you tell I’m very bitter and furious? That’s not even getting into the insanity going on in today’s world where it’s just too much to count. Funny how my blog unintentionally become some kind of place where I talked about current issues, history, or strong opinions on different subjects. Why even bother?

That time when I was reminded of celebrities doing horrible things or at least accused of doing said things…

I felt like I had to say something after something happened at work the other day.

So, I was in the breakroom and the news was on the TV with a few people casually watching. There was a segment with two actors involved in the new Woody Allen movie. That movie would premier at a film festival, but there has been some controversy given the allegations that Allen faced with him sexually assaulting his adopted daughters as well as having a relationship with one of them. It was a talking point which they spent a great deal of time talking about it. The actors involved still wanted to be a part of this festival and promote the movie. One of them even said something along the lines of “Because he’s [Woody Allen] a genius.” while giving him a free pass and saying how people should focus on the good thing he’s done to the film industry whether he did those horrible things or not. The interview bugged me so much that I said out loud “Nate Parker was falsely accused and he NEVER got treated like that!” to the TV before minding my own business. Surprisingly, no one responded to me when I said that fact. In case you’re wondering, I was talking about the actor/director Nate Parker getting lied on for being a rapist even though it was proven false. It frustrates me how some famous people get a free ride for anything and get the convenience of “separating art from the artists” while others do the same thing, less, or are falsely accused of something and they get canceled just like that.

Not long before that moment, I recently discovered other celebrities found dead to rights doing terrible things that I legitimately didn’t know about with some articles and in a brief conversation with my sister’s boyfriend the other day. Here are a couple of examples that I recently discovered.

Tim Allen: Did you know he was a cocaine trafficker before getting into his acting career when he was in his early 20s? Yeah, he was caught with a kilo of the infamous illegal nose candy and almost got a life sentence, but only served 2 1/3 years. How did he pull that off? He snitched on the rest of the traplords in his crew and the rest is history. Yes, the guy from Home Improvement, The Santa Clause, and even Buzz Lightyear himself was getting his Tony Montana on decades ago. Ironic how other people got caught with that amount of drugs, less, or had them planted on them who wish they had a short sentence like this guy who was in a bunch of family-friendly shows and movies.

Ben Roethlisberger: I can care less about football nor have I ever been to Pittsburgh in my life so far, but I know he’s a famous football player. He just retired yesterday and while there were people wishing him well, there were others who got “Big Rape” trending about his retirement. Why that name you might ask? It’s because this now-former Steeler violated Andrea McNulty in a hotel in Lake Tahoe. Apparently, people covered up that sexual assault and it was settled out of court. Why would he settle if he was innocent? Also, Ben Rapist-burger…I mean, Roethlisberger was never punished by the courts or the NFL for those actions. I guess it’s only in America where one gets carte blanche for sexually exploiting someone and they get to ride off into the sunset with their head held high. But God forbid you take a knee to protest against systemic racism, and then you lose your job! Can anyone explain how that makes sense at all?

Caitlyn Jenner: This former Olympian was in a fatal car crash where someone died and others faced multiple injuries. All it took as a settlement was a drop in the bucket for Caitlyn’s bank account and never got charged. I did hear about rumors of her having some interest in being a Californian governor, but nothing is confirmed. That fact would most likely be brought up if she does commit to this political career. She shouldn’t be talking about criminals being let out when people have been in jail for less than what she did who never killed anyone. Interestingly enough, this wasn’t a DUI or a DWI. Jenner passed the sobriety test, so this gives it a bit of a disturbing dynamic. Speaking of fatal car crashes…

Matthew Broderick: People can probably guess a certain irony I will bring up given his filmography, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Not long after Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out, he and his girlfriend at the time Jennifer Grey were vacationing in Northern Ireland. They were driving around and Broderick crashed into a mother and her adult daughter. He almost got a decade-long sentence but ended up getting no jail time despite killing two people and paid a $175 fine. People have paid traffic tickets that much or more and never killed anyone. Not only that, but he showed up in a freaking Hyundai commercial after the fact which ticked off the family of the deceased. Here comes the most obvious observation to make if you know me: Looks Simba himself killed a parent and their child at the same time. Scar can’t even make that claim if you really think about it. Congrats! You Disney fans can’t un-see it now! Keep in mind, he still had a career years after that fatal car crash yet people have rotted in jail for much less for non-violent crimes and was never canceled for his previous acts.

Those were a few examples I could think of, but I know there are others who were treated with kid gloves. It’s no wonder I get more jaded as I get older when I see blatant displays of hypocrisy in the (in)justice system.

Happy Birthday to my Sister!

I know I’m still on a semi-hiatus from posting things, but I wanted to wish my younger sister a happy birthday today. She was able to celebrate yesterday and I got to be a part of that. I also gave her some presents such as a board game and a Sailor Moon shirt as well as a gift card that she enjoyed. It was good to be able to do that and I hope she has a great day today!

Happy Birthday!

Last post of 2021

This decade hasn’t gone to a great start for anyone. As the year is closing, I had some thoughts about my blog and life in general. I don’t expect next year to be that much greater, to be honest with you. I hope your new year goes well with all of you though. Hopefully, I can get better with my content.

Brief thoughts as 2021 wraps up

I feel like I’m going to be erratic for the foreseeable future when it comes to posting content on here. I’ve just been disillusioned by so much that I need to step away from time to time while doing my best to keep my own house in order. So many of these thoughts have been bouncing around like never amounting to anything, supporting various creative people but not having it reciprocated, or realizing how this blog has no identity like it used to. The concept of Ospreyshire needs to be restructured and rebranded. I feel as though I don’t deserve support for whatever I do whether it’s my creative works or spreading the word about certain issues I’m passionate about. This has been a bit of a rough year besides the lingering pandemic. I need to find adequacy and improve my mental state.