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via 2 more weeks until 6 of my books are released! — C. M. B. Bell’s Writing Universe


This is surprising: A Cop Actually Got Convicted for Murdering a Black Teen in Texas?

I just found out about this today. Boy was I shocked and surprised that this actually happened.

An unarmed Black teenage boy named Jordan Edwards was killed by a Balch Springs police officer named Roy Oliver and the cop actually got convicted!

Okay, I know he only got 15 years, but this is unheard of in America. I thought I’d see a unicorn being born before I would ever see this ever happen in this country. I don’t even know what to say, but this was mind-blowing and this needs to send a ripple effect throughout the justice system to show that people can’t be above the law if they have a badge. 15 years though? People have gotten longer sentences for less and for non-violent crimes. It was even surprising that the jury was unanimous in their decision. He should’ve gotten life for what he did.

Anyways, this may be one of the few times where a Black family actually got justice despite the systemic racism around even if the punishment should’ve been harsher.

The video is from The Advise Show.

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A Racist Idiot Goes to Uganda

[Warning: The above video contains strong language, racial slurs, violence, and making genocidal threats against Ugandans]

The level of stupidity is freaking mind-blowing, but I’m no longer surprised especially in this sociopolitical climate.

So there’s this pastor named Jimmy Taylor from Arizona who was there to do some missionary work in Uganda. While he was in Kampala (the capital and largest city), this Jimmy Taylor ignoramus freaks out and goes on a racial tirade while also assaulting a hotel employee. Thankfully, he got arrested in Kampala where he will be tried.

Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot stand racism. Whether it’s posting on here, my fiction projects, or even my film and anime reviews, should know that I don’t play around with that crap. I’ve lived through it, been discriminated, and I know I’ve been treated worse than my Caucasian counterparts in my life.

It was painful watching that video, and I had ambivalent feelings about Francis (the victim) dealing with Jimmy Taylor. I get that the employers may have fired him if he dared to fight back, but if that were me, then I would be so tempted to throw hands to defend myself. Come on, everyone. If the races were reversed and if some Ugandan guy decided to insult some Caucasians in America and assaulted the staff, he would be beaten or even killed by the police and that’s a fact. The level of entitlement and arrogance from Jimmy Taylor just sickens me. Why aren’t more people speaking out against this bigot?

The people of Africa did a great job for making this video go viral and Dr. Mumbi Seraki did a great story about this on her YouTube channel. I’ve certainly learned more about African news and culture watching her stuff online. People need to call out these racists.

Justin Yates’s new music and new music video!

It’s time!

My friend Justin Yates released his newest EP called “Friend”. He even released a new music video for his song “Burn”. Justin Yates is someone I’ve known for years when I got into the local music scene and he’s one of the few people from that area who I still talk to and never lost respect for. He works harder than so many other musicians I know. Feel free to check out the music video and to buy his EP.

Telestic Estoc begins tomorrow on TaleHunt!

For those of you that use TaleHunt, my exclusive cell phone novel begins tomorrow! For those of you that don’t, then download the free app and follow me @TocsinChronicle!

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On 8/5/18, Earth Sigma 3 will be revealed to this story part of a multiversal project.

Make sure you download the free TaleHunt app on your favorite mobile device and/or tablet.

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Captain Gauntlets

So I got to be a part of a cool project recently.

The Take 2 Creative Camp is a Summer Camp based in Elgin at their YWCA. The teens in the program were able to do creative projects such as filming, screenwriting, editing, podcasting, photography, acting, art, and several other disciplines. One of the students named Techin was able to make a comic book, so we went to the Gail Borden Library to record voice overs for the comic book. I did the narration and voiced the hero Jumping Jack where I did an Irish accent. Korisa (my friend you’ve heard me talking about before) filmed each page and made the video of the final project.



Gateway to the Empyrean is on NoiseTrade!

My latest cell phone novel Gateway to the Empyrean is now in eBook form! Feel free to download it for free or by tipping on NoiseTrade!

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Alright everyone, my last cell phone novel is up on NoiseTrade! You know the deal. You can download it for free or you can tip me for $1 minimum.

I hope you all check out this book regardless if you read it on my blog or not. Feel free to spread the word about Gateway to the Empyrean. It’s a short read, but I know it will be worth reading.

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What is Telestic Estoc?

Here’s what my next story is about. Remember: TaleHunt 8/5/18 @TocsinChronicle!

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8/5/18, everyone!

You saw the picture and your question is exactly the title of this post. I’ll answer it right now.

Telestic Estoc is going to be a Cell Phone Novel that will be a TaleHunt exclusive. The overlying story involves the lives of thirty different characters in Earth Sigma 3 which is in another parallel universe where the technological advancements are superior to ours on this variant of Earth. Heroes and villains alike have been involved in a conspiracy involving a secret device and a mystical sword named the Telestic Estoc. Said sword is able to travel across dimensions and can cut open portals for traveling. Several factions are involved in this cosmic fray and each person tells their side of the story as this conspiracy becomes quite…global. Also, this takes place in the Hollanduscosm, so I would strongly recommend reading Hollandus Landing first. You can get it for

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